April 18, 2014

     Weeeee~Gonna share about my Singapore trip in this post! Went to Singapore with my bestie last year 29 Dec, we have visited Universal Studio Singapore and Garden by The Bay, it was so much fun! I will write about my first meal in Singapore for this post.
     0605am flight and then we reached Changi Airport about 0710am. Finallyyy we reached Singapore! I bet you all will feel weird why I use finally to describe? It is because we miss our flight before on 18 Dec...T.T Such a memorable incident in the end of 2013. Then we re-bought flight ticket and bus ticket to back Malaysia. It was our first time to fly together so we were a bit blur about the procedure.

Selca while waiting at boarding hall to upload on instagram, teehee=P 
(ignore my super heavy eyebags, early morning flight, cannot get enough sleep>.<)

Our flight.

The morning sky view on the flight.

Reached Singapore Changi Airport!

Do not forget to check in at arrival hall first before heading to Skytrain to T2 to take MRT.

Waiting for train.

Don't forget to get your tourist pass to save more when travel with Singapore public transport!

     After we get our tourist pass, we took MRT to Clarke Quay MRT station to have breakfast before heading to Universal Studio. Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is located at New Bridge Road which is just directly opposite Clarke Quay MRT station. Bak Kut Teh in Singapore is totally different from the one in Malaysia. Malaysia bak kut teh is in herbal soup while Singapore one is in pepper soup. Here is our big breakfast on the day : Yau Char Kuey, Bak Kut Teh, pork belly, vegetables and chinese tea!

     Overall, the food is not bad and the price is affordable too! After breakfast we went to Universal Studio Singapore! Stay tune for the next post, I will blog about our Universal Studio Singapore trip =3

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