Grand Launch of Skeyndor Eternal Skincare Series

   SKEYNDOR, a global leader in skincare innovation is thrilled to announce the launch of it's groundbreaking Eternal range. I'm honored to be invited for the second time to witness their grand launch event that took place at the luxurious Regno KL in Bandar Sri Damansara on 5th Dec 2023. In this exclusive grand launch event, every guests are welcomed with a product showcase highlighting Skeyndor's Eternal skincare range. 

   The Eternal range is a testament to Skeyndor's commitment to anti-aging excellence. Central to this new line is the innovative use of plant stem cells and biotechnolgical ingredients, designed to rejunevate and redensify skin at a cellular level. The range includes:

1. SKEYNDOR Redensifying Night Oil: A sumptuous oil that envelops the skin in nourishment, promoting overnight rejuvenation.
2. SKEYNDOR Extraordinary Redensifying Serum: A luxurious formula that revitalizes skin for a youthful glow. 
3. SKEYNDOR Redensifying Cream: This melting cream redensifies skin texture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for eternal beauty.
4. SKEYNDOR Rich Redensifying Cream: Specially formulated for very dry skin, offering deep hydration and rejuvenation.
5. SKEYNDOR Redensifying Eye Contour: Targeted treatment for the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and dark circles.

   The event started with an opening speech by Mr. Patrick Sha, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Unique Aesthetics. He emphasized: "The Eternal range, our latest innovation, embodies our ethos 'Eternal Beauty, A Timeless Legacy' and aims to revolutionize the approach to combating skin aging and environmental damage."

   A special guest all the way from Spain, Ms. Margaret Beales, an international beauty specialist with over 35 years of experience shared valuable insights on the significance or early skincare regimes for maintaining skin health and preventing premature aging. She also does live demonstration on stage showing us how to apply the Eternal range for the best effect. 

   The event continues further with the presentation of awards given to the brand and it's associates presented by SISTERS magazine. Unique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd was honored with the Top Leading Trusted Company for Professional Brand 2023/2024 award. Furthermore, the SKEYNDOR Eternal Series also received the New Successful Product Innovation of The Year 2023/2024. La Skinz Beauty Centre was recognized with Editor's Best Choice 2023/2024 and The Best Service of Beauty Salon 2023/2024 awards. 

   The event also marked the launch of Skeyndor's Christmas and New Year CSR project, benefitting Rumah Kasih Harmoni Paya Jaras, home to 123 children. Gifts were received by En. Jamalludin bin Wahab, the principal of Rumah Kasih Harmoni on stage. 

   SKEYNDOR Eternal Skincare Series can be purchased online at or through its authorized beauty salons. For more information, please visit the website,, and 


    Hey everyone, it’s this time of the year again, where we exchange gifts with each other, having a feisty meal and doing lots of holiday activities with your loved ones. As for myself, I recently joined the JINGLE U.S POTATOES ALL THE WAY Christmas Workshop where I got to mingle around with new friends, learn to cook and food sculpting based on potatoes. As a foodie myself, it piqued my interest in knowing the essential ingredients that can make good food and this time it’s about U.S potatoes. 

    The JINGLE U.S POTATOES ALL THE WAY Christmas Workshop is a cooking and tasting event based on different types of potatoes from the U.S. along with invited guests and influencers to explore on the journey of getting to know the history and dietary staple they are today. Before this, I always thought that potatoes are just potatoes regardless of their origin but how wrong was I and realised that many people did not know the uniqueness of the U.S potatoes and I’m grateful to have attended the workshop. 

    Before the event started, I get to take beautiful pictures at the photo booth with Christmas decorations also play games like potato tower, where who block the tallest potato tower within the fastest time wins and also word cross. Upon completing the games, I won myself a nice cooler bag.

    The event started by Mr. Eddie Saw, the representatives of U.S Potatoes in Malaysia delivering us a welcome speech and explaining the journey and importance of U.S potatoes. 

Right after the speech, we have Chef ZieZie, a famous TikTok chef who’ll be taking over in the cooking demonstration. She’s very engaging and friendly and most importantly, her recipes are easy to follow and understand and that's a plus. We also get to experience on hand in making the “Twinkle U.S Potatoes Stars” menu, which I make it into a cute Christmas Tree shape.

Following that we have Chef Taufiq Halim who’s a food sculptor expert doing a live demonstration on how to sculpt and also teach us on how to do it. I’ll be sculpting a deer. It’s not as easy as looking at Chef Taufiq doing his magic trick on it but it was an amazing experience.

The event ended with everyone of us getting a certificate from Chef ZieZie and we got to enjoy a savoury meal that’s based on U.S Potatoes. It was a splendid event where we get to learn and have fun at the same time. Thanks to it, now I got new menu ideas for my Christmas dinner!

The launching of DynaDNA and DynaApp to improve Malaysian's health and knowledge

Held at Southeast Asia’s first 360 degree wellness hub, KL Wellness City the grand launching of Dyna Medical’s new product; the Dyna DNA test kits and Dyna Apps, a free-to-use platform to improve your health and knowledge! I am honored to be invited as one of their guests to witness this auspicious day along with other members of the media, lifestyle influencers, esteemed associates and medical guests. We’re also overwhelmed by the presence of a popular lifestyle influencer, Iman Azman and DNA Medical’s product specialist, Dr Hans Jeffry to share about the importance of taking control of one’s own health through DNA. 

The event started with every guest registering themselves to get a number in order to be eligible for the lucky draw session and also after registering, we’d also get the chance to participate in the fortune wheel game where you can win one of their new products. I got myself a sacha inchi oil that is beneficial to lower heart disease. They also put up a showcase of all of their products so that we can get to understand their product in depth and get to know the full range of their offering.

Following up will be, Mr. Martin Low Wink Keng, the Managing Director of Dyna Medical introduced DynaDNA as the latest service provider enabling Malaysians to get the latest and most accurate information about their health condition with just a simple saliva sample. With over 500 genetic tests that can be accurately conducted, it allows Malaysians to be more aware of the risk of genetic diseases, so we can pre prepare or change our daily lifestyle to take care of our health.

He also shared about the benefits of Dyna Apps, where users can view their DNA test kit results instantly at their convenience and also be able to book a consultation with qualified DynaDNA-partnered health professionals to explore their test results or to plan the next step of their health journey. It also has a built-in e-commerce feature that allows users to purchase health and wellness products. 

Next up will be a sharing by Iman Azman, popular lifestyle influencer about the importance of taking up a DNA test kit to allow a more in-depth understanding of our own body so that we can protect our family and children. 

It was a fruitful event, I have learned so much about how DNA test can help us to be healthier. At the end of the event, each of us gets to bring back one DynaDNA test kit. Do follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing my experiences and results with the test kit! 

SKEYNDOR V-Shape Lifting Home Care from Spain now available in Malaysia!

   Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care by SKEYNDOR is now available in Malaysia! I am happy to be one of the guests for their launching event at Rama V Kuala Lumpur. People with chubby face always find it difficult to achieve a slimmer V shape face, today lets us discover how SKEYNDOR's No 1 skincare brand from Spain help us to slim down our face! 

   The event started with an interesting game station where guests get to enjoy SKEYNDOR products in a different way and a photo station. At the end of the activities, you get to redeem a gift! I enjoy these activities so much.

   Unique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd, is the sole distributor of Spain’s no. 1 skincare brand SKEYNDOR in Malaysia. SKEYNDOR has a history of 56 years, is present in more than 55 countries, and is ranked among the top 15 professional cosmetic brands in the world! Patrick Sha, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Unique Aesthetics said the company is truly excited to represent a beauty care pioneer such as SKEYNDOR which leverages on its “Scientific Cosmetics” ideology in the research and innovation of skincare products using environmentally sustainable ingredients suitable for Asian skin. He is joined by Mr Bryan Hew, Executive Director at the launch.

  According to their market research, the top beauty issues in Malaysia are aging and sagging skin, especially in the 40s and above, due to busy lifestyles, poor eating habits, and negligence of a good skincare regime. Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care set includes the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Serum, the V-Shape Anti-Gravity Cream and the V-Shape contouring mask with special anti-ageing technology “ProGEN-in”The products offer an immediate tightening effect and lifting action, a firming action, defining the facial oval, reducing the volume of the double chin, as well as the wrinkles in this area. For this exclusive launch, a V-Shape Lifting Roller has been included to achieve the best facial results.

   After being seated we were served delicious Thai cuisine fine dining while enjoying the event showcase. 

   During the launching event, an international beauty specialist from Spain with over 35 years of beauty and skincare experience, Ms. Margaret Beales shared tips on how to achieve optional results with SKYENDOR's Global Lift and face yoga technique to give you a slim face and tighten your jawline. According to her advice, the Serum and Cream should be applied twice a day, every morning and night. To complete the treatment, apply the V-Shape Mask once a week, after using the Serum and before using the Cream and the mask should remain well attached to the chin for 20 to 25 minutes of exposure. She also added that our cells will start aging as early as 30 years of age! An early skincare regime will help in prolonging and maintaining our skin’s health. 

    We get to bring home a set of Global Lift V-Shape Lifting Home Care products at the end of the event, can't wait to try out the products! SKEYNDOR products can be purchased online at or through its authorized beauty salons. For more information, please visit the website,, and


   I believe that many people, especially women wish for a lighter, brighter, smooth and glowing skin. I was recently invited to join the tea session with NanoMD a few weeks ago where they introduced their new product the NanoMD® Bright to us!

   NanoMD® Bright is the world's newest and most advanced supplement which focuses on skin protection, nutrition and brightening. It works from the inside out to improve the deeper structure of the skin and the entire body.

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