Hey girls, is the month of September!  Let's discover what is the 5 beauty products that I think you should not be miss out in this month. There are no ugly girls but only lazy ones, keep this in your mind and work hard to make yourself shine beautifully! =)

1) Bifesta Make Up Remover

   My top favorite beauty product for this month is Bifesta make up remover from Japan. 'Bi' means beauty in Japanese while 'Festa' means festival, so Bifesta means the celebration of beauty. Make up remover is very important for our skin because a good make up remover help us girls to maintain clean and beautiful skin.

   Bifesta is a water based make up remover. It removes make up easily and quick, just wipe off your make up without rising, suitable for girls with busy lifestyle like me. It is free from alcohol, colorant, oil and fragrance.

Credits to Bifesta Malaysia Facebook Page

Bifesta Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes (left)
Bifesta Cleansing lotion (right)

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion

   I use one full pump on cotton pad to remove waterproof eyeliner on my hand and it remove 90% of the eyeliner in just one wipe. After two wipes, it completely remove the eyeliner on my hand.

One wipe.

Two wipes.
   For girls who always travel around, they have Bifesta Makeup Remover in cotton sheet, the small packaging make it easy to carry around. It is effective in removing make up just like the bottle packaging, one sheet is more than enough to remove face make up but I usually use two sheets to make sure my face is clean. 

Bifesta Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes comes with a cover to protect the cotton sheet inside.

Open the cover to use the cotton wipes.

Bifesta Malaysia
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Malaysia.Bifesta
Available at Watsons/Guardian

2) Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Eyeliner

   Next is this cool Hypersharp Wing Eyeliner by Maybelline. What so special about this eyeliner is the design of the sharp tip, after try out the product I feel that it is really easier for me to draw my eyeliner. It is Maybelline first 2-in flat tip eyeliner that help we girls to draw that perfect eyeliner.

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner look so edge in black and purple color.

The latest flat tip design of Maybelline eyeliner.

With the new flat tip design, it is much more easy to draw eyeliner from thin to thick.

   Watch the tutorial video here!

Instagram: @MaybellineMalaysia

3) Exfolimate Face & Body Exfoliation

   New and easy tools from Australia for face and body exfoliation is now in Malaysia. Remove dead skin, black head, white head and oil patches is as easy as abc now. It is a gentle exfoliation with micro groove technology on the stainless steel edge. This tools function without any electricity and it is in smaller size, easy to bring around. It helps to reduce pores, improve skin smoothness, increase absorption of skin care products and enhance our skin complexion. It is suitable for all normal skin types.

Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation

The smaller one is for face while the bigger size is for body exfoliation.
How to use :
Gently glide Exfolimate with slightly pressure at 90 degree on wet skin.
Use warm water to clean the remaining debris and leave it to dry.

Remember to glide Exfolimate at 90 degree on wet skin for noticeable result.

It comes with two strings to hang the tools in your bathroom.

Get it for RM70 from
SWIT. Trading
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/swit.trading

4) Loretta Base Care Oil

   A must buy product in this month! This is a hair care product from Japan that really work well on my hair. If you follow my blog, you should know that I just reviewed about Deep Layer 5 Step Hair Treatment at IMP Hair Studio last month. I get to know this product from Charmaine, the friendly lady boss. She apply it on my hair and my hair look smoother. It is with nice flowerish smell. I use it daily and even my friend ask me what did I use on my hair because it smell nice! I cannot resist the cute packaging, it is too pretty to be a hair product. Japanese always have surprise in the packaging of their products.

Loretta Base Care Oil.

After finish the bottle, you can remove the front sticker to see a picture behind the sticker. Charmaine told me this but I havent remove mine, so I dont know what is behind the sticker yet.

IMP Hair Studio
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/imphairstudio?fref=ts

5) Milk Plus Whitening Facial Foam

   Last but not least, one of my favorite facial foam from Thailand! This product is so popular, I know it online and bought it during my Thailand trip last year. Make sure you buy the genuine one, there are fake one in Malaysia's market. I get mine from cosmetic shop, Beauty Buffet at Thailand.


   This is a natural skin care product for brightening added with Co Q10. The facial foam lathers away impurities and make up, it is very concentrated and with sweet milk fragrance. Hydrolyzed milk proteins inside the facial foam also help to achieve brighter complexion. After wash away the facial foam, it doesn't leaves my face with dryness.

Apply a small amount of facial foam.

The facial foam does not produce many foam after added with water.

Beauty Buffet Thailand
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/beautybuffetfanpage?fref=ts

   Hope this post is useful for you girls! Any question please leave a comment for me, till next post, bye~~


   To have a pair of clean and white teeth is always my concern. If you know me, you should know how I love to drink coffee and tea. But this habit cause my teeth to have stains. I visited to a express teeth whitening saloon before and tried the express teeth whitening system, it does help but I want something more convenience and effect that stay more longer. I'm happy to receive an invitation from Opalescence S.E.A to join their blogger sharing session. Through this event I'm able to understand more about Opalescence products.

Smile and took photo before the event start.

About Opalescence Go
   They have different products to fit different lifestyle and one of it is Opalescence Go. Opalescence Go is a teeth whitening products that offer simple, comfortable and fast teeth whitening treatment. Without the need to visit to dental clinic, you can done it at home. It comes in prefilled disposable trays, ready to use after open the packaging. It helps to achieve whiter teeth in just 5-10days. Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains Potassium Nitrate that help reduce sensitivity and Fluoride to strengthen enamel. It is available in 10% hydrogen peroxide (wear from 30-60 minutes) and 15% hydrogen peroxide (wear from 15-20 minutes) and comes with Peach, Melon and Mint flavors.

How to use it?

   I get one box of Mint flavor Opalescence Go with 10% of Hydrogen Peroxide to try out at home.I wish it work well for me! *finger crossed*

Mint flavor Opalescence Go is in green color packaging. 

Inside the kit, there are 10 pairs of Opalescence Go and one instruction booklet.

Open the packaging and take out the tray.This is how the tray look like.
Instruction on how to use Opalescence Go, it is very easy to put on.

   This is my teeth after one time treatment. You can see from the picture below, my teeth is a lil bit whiter than before the treatment. I will continue to do the treatment to achieve the white teeth that I want. During the treatment I did not feel any uncomfortable. I just lay on my bed and wait about 60 minutes then remove the tray and rinse my mouth.
   However the next day after the treatment, my teeth become quite sensitive. I have toothache when I drink iced cold drink. So I would suggest one to avoid cold drink and stain causing food & beverages like coffee, tea, wine, berries, tomato sauce after the treatment. If you really cannot stop yourself from drinking coffee and tea, you can use straw instead.

   Watch this video here on how to use Opalescence Go!

Opalescence S.E.A
Retail price for Opalescence Go is at RM550 per kit.
Official website : http://www.opalescence.com/en-us/default.aspx
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/OpalescenseAsia?fref=ts


   Hi readers! Anyone of you went to Bon Odori too yesterday? I was late to be there because I wasn't feeling well and started to get myself prepare quite late, sob, took medicine before I went there. It was still raining when I reach there about 7pm but luckily it stop after few minutes. Managed to take only few pictures, scroll down to see how I look in Yukata! My first time to wear a Yukata.

**All the photos below were taken using Sony A5100 and IPhone 5s. A5100 is so good in taking pictures in low light situation, love how the colour turn out.

Sweet make up to match with my Yukata.

   We walk around the stadium that was full with patrons, it was so happening right here with the performance and booths that selling foods, drinks and Japanese Omiyage. Didn't managed to try out all the food because there was long queue at most of the booths. We just simply buy some food and drink as dinner. 

   Sit down to have our dinner first before we continue to take pictures and join other activities. We had Teppanyaki Chicken with fruit juice and soda drink. Itadakimasu~~

Teppanyaki Chicken with bean sprouts and rice.

A picture with the kawaii Domo Kun.

Instax picture from Fujifilm's booth, love it.

Last picture before we heading back to home.

   Not forget to include two full body shoot of me in this lovely Yukata. Hair and make up was done by myself.


Zoom in picture of my eyes make up.

    Bon Odori ended with dance performance, hope that I can be there earlier next year to have more time to walk around, picnic and also took more pictures, till next year~~

 Short video recorded using Iphone.

p/s : I bought this Japanese dessert called Anmitsu home, it tastes nice and suitable to eat in hot weather.


   Managed to catch the last show before KL Fashion Week 2015 closing! Attended the show together with my partners in crime Jenny Ma.

Entrance of KLFW 2015.
Our OOTN for the event.
The crowd on the night.

Happa by Mel Ahyar
   The show started with invited designer from Indonesia.

Jonathan Liang

One of my favourite dress from the collection, love the details of the flower on the dress!

Tempatan Black by Atelier Fitton



   I really enjoy seeing each beautiful designed pieces, hope that Malaysia fashion brands can go futher in future!

Yours truly.

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