Hello readers, I am back to update a beauty products post that I really really wanna share with you guys! *excited* It is about the mask that I like to use recently called Regen 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask! They has four different type of mask which is whitening, pore care, anti wrinkles and moisturizing. Continue to read to get to know what I like about this mask and how I feel after used it. Fyi, there are lots of Korean celebrity love this mask too include 2NE1 and KARA!

     2 Step Synergy Effect Mask is produce by Regen Cosmetics from Korea and it is free from alcohol, coloring, mineral oil and preservative. It is divided into two parts which is the upper part for face and the lower part for chin. The upper part of the mask is 100% cotton mask While the lower part of the mask is a ear style mask in gel type that can enhance the effect of the mask and which u need to hang it on your ear and it helps to achieve the V shape face because it can eliminate bloating and water retention.

This is how the packaging look like!

I get one piece for each type of the mask.

From left to right : Anti wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening and pore care.
This is how it look like after put on two part of the mask.

Brand Information
Regen Cosmetic is a prestige brand made by plastic surgeons and dermatologist of Seoul National University. 

Mikayo's Review
     I have combination skin, and the main problem that I faced is I have large skin pores, so I choose to tried out the pore care mask first. The mask is full with the essence when I took it out so it definitely worth the price and you may apply the extra essence onto your neck, hand or leg part. Also I like the flowery smell of the mask. Put on both of the mask and wait for about 20 minutes, it is so easy to use and wont take up too much of time too. Check out the video below to learn the correct way to put on the mask and they teach V face massage in the video! After 20 minutes, take out the mask and massage the excessive essence on your face for better absorption. I felt that my skin pores is more smaller than before after I applied the mask, I should use it more often to get the visible effects! If you are interested to get yourself one, you may get it from http://www.hermo.my/ for RM17.90 one pcs or Value Mask Set for RM82.50 for 5pcs. And if you dont believe that it is as good as I said, you can read the feedback from other user below the product description from the website, they received so many good compliments.

Regen Cosmetics is a famous Korea cosmetics surgery hospital and their products are currently available in Malaysia exclusively with Hermo-


     Hello readers, I want to share about a makeover package with you guys in this post! This is a collaboration between me and Mindy from Micanana Makeover, we hope that we can help every girls to unleashed her new style! If you are interested to build your portfolio or wish to create a new look for yourself, you may email us at mikayo_ito.jp@live.com.my for our makeover price listing.

     各位亲爱的读者们,今天想分享的是我和Micanana Makeover 一起合作的改造配套,里头包括发型设计,化妆和室内或室外拍摄。我们希望可以帮助女生们发掘自己的新形象。如果你有兴趣拍摄或替自己改造的话可以email 到mikayo_ito.jp@live.com.my 询问价钱。

Photo by Mikayo

Model : Slyvia Yan

Model : Megan

Model : Anabelle

Model : Jenny Ma

Model : Nicole Xiang

Model : Sandy

Doll in the shoes box
Model : Sandy

Mindy's make up work

Natural Make Up

3D Make Up

Creative Make Up

Cat Eye Make Up

Dinner Night Make Up

     In the end of this post, we will be giving away two free makeover package to two person that select by us randomly, all you need to do is just complete the rafflecopter below and leave a comment below the blog post tell me why you want to win this makeover to stand a chance to win this giveaway!(make sure you complete it, dont cheat! XD) Good luck <3 br="" nbsp="">
     在文章的尾声我们将送出2个改造配套,只要你完成以下rafflecopter的指示并留言告诉我你想赢奖的原因, 就有机会赢取改造配套了,记得附上自己的email, 方便我们联络你!加油咯~



     Sawadee ka! Boat Noodle has now row their boat to The School, Jaya One, an all new outlet that will be open for business soon! Hope that after the second outlet start to run their business, there will be no more terrible long queue at the first outlet which located at Empire Damansara.

     The new outlet at Jaya One were having free tasting for everyone before the opening! Start from the first day of free trial, the place was already full with patrons that came for the delicious noodle! Everyone can try out their new menu for free as long as you came in betwenn 12pm-6pm! I have went to the free tasting session with my friends and all of us were very satisfy with the foods and drinks except for the long wait for about one and a half hours, lol. May be more and more outlets should be open to cut down the long queue? hahaXD

     Boat Noodle is highly recommended to those who love sour and spicy food(like me!). They serve four different kind of noodles which are Chicken Soup Glass Noodle, Chicken Dry Glass Noodle, Beef Soup Glass Noodle and Beef Dry Glass Noodle. And also some tit-bits like fruit salad, fishball, and chicken wing and beverage like pandan cooler, iced milk tea, and 'longan' to choose.

Beef Soup Glass Noodle
Glass noodle with the sour and spicy soup and beef meat ball.

Chicken Soup Glass Noodle
Glass Noodle with sour and spicy soup and chicken meat ball.

Fruit Salad
It was my first time to try out a spicy and sour fruit salad haha, because I usually put mayonnaise to make fruit salad.It is a lil bit too spicy for me. 

Dessert-Ka Num Tuay
Made of pandan and coconut, taste like nyonya kuih, something sweet and nice to have it after bowls of boat noodles!

Iced Milk Tea and Drinks of the day-Pandan Cooler
Both also taste good but I like milk tea more, good to chill you down after the sweet and spicy meal.

 Cheers! *^_^*

     Till here. To avoid queue, you may visit Boat Noodle during weekdays=)

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     A very quick post about my half day escape-from-the-city trip to Bukit Tinggi that full with beautiful pictures from my phone(without any edit only add in watermark), scroll down to view and enjoy yourself peeps! It is a bright sunshiny day with blue sky during my visit, Bukit Tinggi definitely is a place to visit if you want to get closer with the mother nature! I have visited the Japanese Tea House and Colmar Tropicale but I skipped Rabbit Farm as we got not enough of time.

Japanese Tea House

Colmar Tropicale

There is white and black swans on the lake that make me feel so dreamy~

This is how the lake look like from top.

Have a cuppa after tired of walking, the coffee is just so so only, dont expect too much=P

Colmar Tropicale at night with beautiful light


    Have u all heard of Himalaya before? I saw this brand before in major shopping malls but I never try out their products. Last saturday, I got the chance to know more about this brand during the blogger gathering with Himalaya, many thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation. The event took place at a very cute cafe named Fuwa Fuwa Cafe, Jaya One( I blogged about it before, if you havent read it, click here! ).

    Alright, lets me axplain a little bit about this Neem products by Himalaya. Question mark pop up when you heard of Neem? Neem tree is actually a plant, all parts of it can be use for treatment of inflammation, infection, fever, skin diseases and even dental disorders. While Neem leaves has antiseptic, anti viral, anti fungal, astringent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. For quite some times, people used the crushed Neem leaves to treat acne and improve skin texture. Now, Himalaya has added in the benefits of the Neem leaves in its new range of Neem products, do check 'em out and be pimple free with Himalaya.

     Neem leaves can be eat in raw too, you dont believe me? Well we have tried it during the event, three of the volunteer bloggers eat the neem leaves with Turmeric after we use 'lesung batu' to crush the Neem leaves until it turned to mud. It taste bitter with a little bit of spicy according to them.

Blogger Rina used the 'lesung batu' to crush the Neem leaves with the guidance from Shireen from Himalaya.

The Neem leaves that has turned into mud.

The before and after expression when they tasted the Neem leaves with Turmeric XD

     Next, I am going to tell you guys my review for soem of the  products that I have tried out. Continue to read, dont be lazy, especially those who face acne problems and want to solve it=)

Himalaya Neem products include : Purifying Neem Face Wash, Purifying Neem Face Scrub, Neem Face Pack, Deep Cleansing Astringent Lotion, Protecting Neem & Turmeric Body Wash, Neem and Almond Protecting Lotion, Neem and Turmeric Soap, Neem Caps, Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash and Dental Cream Toothpaste.

Purifying Neem Face Wash
-Soap free herbal face wash that can removes impurities and prevent pimples
-SLS and SLES free
-contains Neem and Turmeric which helps in controlling pimples and eliminates acne-causing bacteria

My review : I have tried out this product, it leaves my skin soft and moisturizing after face wash and it smell nice, not like those chemical face wash that leaves your face dry after the face wash. I myself do not have pimples skin but it is suitable for normal to oily skin user too.

RRP : RM27.90 (150ml)
          RM16.90 (100ml)

Neem Face Pack
-clean clogged pores, rejuvenates and firms up the skin, soothes the skin
-contain Neems that has antibacterial properties
-contain Tumeric that helps to eliminate acne causing by bacteria

My review : Some of you may be wonder what is face pack, actually it is a face mask. After used this I can feel that my skin is more tighten, and when I put on the mask I can feel that it is cold. 

RRP : RM27.90

Neem Foaming Face Wash
Neem and Almond Protecting Lotion

Neem Supplement

     After the products sharing session, we were having a fun cookies decoration competition where 6 most creative bloggers can receive free Himalaya products. We were ask to use the water colours and Himalaya products to decorate the butter cookies sponsored by Fuwa Fuwa Bakery and Cafe and it must be related to Himalaya. After that we need to share with everyone the story behind the decoration that done by us. Everyone was so serious while decorating the cookies to fight for the gifts.

Here is the cookies that decorated by me, can you guess what is the meaning behind? XD

All of the decorated cookies took photos together.

Sharing the story behind the decoration on the cookies.

The happy face during the prize giving session.

     Besides from get more closer to the quality products from Himalaya, I also met my blogger friends and make some new friends during the event! Here is some of our selfie and usfie(a new word for group selfie). And of course there were some light food served to feed us after all the activities and sharing session.

With Aerisk Ong (ewww, forgive my pale, sleepy and no make up faceT_T)

With JL, Aerisk Ong and Jenny Ma (start from left)

The yummy sandwich.


     Awww, it has come to the end of the post. So do you know what is the benefits of this Himalaya products that contain Neem leaves? It eliminates spots and pimples, anti-viral, anti fungal, fast and effective, and reduce redness. Who doesnt want a clean and pimples free skin? If you are suffering from acne problem you may try out this products! Tell me if it work on you peeps! =)

Equipment : Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm
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