*Ding Dong* I get a parcel from Hishop last month and yay, it is Hello Kitty Nail Sticker inside! It is my first time to use nail sticker, but I can done my nail in not more than 10 minutes by just following the simple instruction provided. Scroll down to see pictures of the products and tutorial of how to apply nail sticker.

     This is what included inside the box: 20 nail stickers, wooden stick and nail file. The wooden stick is used to push back your cuticles so the nail sticker can stick evenly while nail file is used to remove excess nail sticker. Make sure your nail is clean and dry before use. If you need to remove the nail sticker, just use regular nail polish.

*How to apply nail sticker in 3 steps*

1. Take out the products from the zipper bag. Choose the nails stickers that fit your nail's size and stick it onto your nail. After that, remove the transparent protection film. 

2. Use nail file to remove excess nail sticker in a downward motion.

3. Lastly, apply a top coat to protect your nail stickers from peeling off easily!  

What Do I like about nail stickers?
1. fast and easy- can be complete in 10 minutes
2. 0 drying time- no need to wait for my nails to dry off
3. Long lasting- it stay longer time on my nail with topcoat applied 

     Where to get this nail stickers? Visit hishop.com! =)


     Olala~~Finally it is sem break after exam week, i see FREEDOMMMM! Mum just bought a new oven so it is time for me to try out the oven! It was my first attempt to bake something, hope I won't burn my mum's kitchen, oppsss =P 

     As this is my first try on baking, so I bought some premix flour to make a Gateau Chocolate! Fyi. I get it from Muji at Avenue K. 

This is the box of Handmade Gateau Chocolat from Muji, it also has other choice like biscuit, and even macaroon!

Instruction behind the box.

What is include inside the box?
-Gateau Powder
-Flower shape mould
-Sugar in powder

What you need to prepare?
-An Egg
-Milk (60ml)
-Butter (40g) 

1) Melt the chocolate chip and butter in a bowl using hot water by putting the bowl in hot water. Do not add any water into the mixture. 
2) Mix 60ml of milk with an egg
3) Add the mixture of no.1 and no.2 together with the Gateau powder. 
4) Stir until the mixture smooth. 
5) Pour the mixture into the flower shape mould. 
6) Put the mixture inside oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes with 170 degree.

Tadaaaa~~ Here is the outcome! Look yummy? 

     I'm very happy with the outcome as the cake is so yummy! It is smooth and not too sweet with strong chocolate flavor, all my family members like it. Hope this is helpful for anyone who bought this item but do not know how to bake it because they cannot understand the instruction that is in Japanese language! XOXO.

Watch this video as reference!


     New coffee place pop up in Publika! Mono Coffee owned by Brandker Group is now serving their own house blend coffee. Bloggers were invited to join their grand opening at 17th April 2015. The stylish coffee should be your next hang out place!

     The concept of Mono coffee is artisan coffee and creative kitchen. Mono Coffee served own house-blend named 'Monian', origin from Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra Lintong, with the roasted pecans aroma and bitter sweet taste. Coffee brewing and latte art demo was carry out by Barista Trainer with Monian coffee beans during the event. Besides from coffee, they also served western food with a twist like Mango Chicken Sandwich and Stack It. From main course, pasta, burger to dessert, pick your favourite from their menu. 

Pasta Alla Mono 
Pods & Chicken Salad  RM16

Beef & Hashed 'Benedicts'  RM17

Stack It  RM14
Mini platter was served for the tasting session.
Monian Coffee Beans
Coffee brewing and latte art demo

Mono Coffee
A2-G2-3A, Publika Shopping Gallery,
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-6206 5239

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