Schwarzkopf has released a new range of hair care products, the Essensity by Schwarzkopf. We always looking for products that suit us well and effective at the same time, Essensity by Schwarzkopf is a product that combine these two features with ammonia-free and color care system. It keeps our hair colour natural and leaves it soft. Besides that, Essensity by Schwarzkopf is free from silicones, mineral oil and artificial fragrances, and for plant-based ingredients in natural care products. With the innovative Phytolipid Technology, Essensity range show longer hair color retention, higher color vibrancy and scalp comfort. They are two types of Essensity range for different hair types which is Essensity Color and Repair (care for colored and damaged hair) and Essensity Color and Moisture (care for colored normal to dry hair).

Mikayo's Review
 I am Schwarzkopf products user before, I have two set of their different range of spray conditioner. Glad that I got the chance to review Essensity Color and Moisture this time. I like the scent of the shampoo, it smells like herbal leaves. After few day using Essensity products, I can feel that my hair is softer and moisture compare to before. The conditioner makes my hair feel soft for whole day long.

Essensity Color & Moisture
suitable for colored normal to dry hair
contain Marula oil, green tea and organic aloe vera that can provide moisture and effective color protection.

Color & Moisture Sulfate-free Shampoo
-The PEG- and sulphate free shampoo add moisture to the hair and makes it soft and manageable.

Color & Moisture Conditioner
-The rinse-out conditioner restores hair’s lost lipids. The rich, creamy and moisturizing formula is rapidly absorbed by the cuticle and smoothes hair without weighing it down.

Color & Moisture Intense Treatment
-The deep-acting intense hair mask adds moisture to normal and dry hair, and restores softness and smoothness even to rough, brittle and untamable hair

Color & Moisture Spray Conditioner
-The leave in conditioner coats each strand without weighing the hair down. It forms a protective shield against harmful external influences and prevents the color from fading.

     The new ESSENSITY range is available in Schwarzkopf Professional Partners salons. For futher information you may visit their website : www.schwarzkopf-professional.com or www.press.henkel.com 

     Before I end this post, I would like to giveaway one set of Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Miracle hair products that include : Oil Miracle Shampoo, Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment and Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment. All you need to do is go to my Facebook Page and share out this giveaway picture and tag 3 of your friends (make sure you make the post public!). After that, leave a comment below the picture to let me know that you have shared the picture. Till here, good luck girls! =)


     Absolut has launched a new flavor named Absolut Karnival in passion fruit and orange blossom-flavored. To celebrate the releasing of Absolut Karnival, a new limited edition that represent the spirit of free, no rules and the possibilities for transformations are infinite, a Carnival inspired party has been held at The View, G Tower last Friday. The bottle features artwork by Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer, Rafael Grampa, who is famous of his Marvel work. Colorful characters like a young man wearing the head of an old man, a dog dressed up as a rooster, a blue-faced giant, happy to give a hug to whoever wants one, a beautiful 'Queenfish' , and a character Grampa dubs 'The Freedom Knight' and describes as a typical festivalgoer who fights taboos and prejudice with joy and music is around the bottle.

     During the night, limited edition Carnival inspired cocktails that special crafted by Absolut to showcase the different elements and personality of each Karnival character were served to the guest. And there were dance performance by the hot and sexy dancers that make the party high.

     If you are interested to get this exclusive limited edition Absolut Karnival, it is now available at the Absolut Brand Store, located at :
Contact Pier Zone F, Shop R26, 
KLIA Main Terminal Building, 
Kuala Lumour International Airport, 
Selangor, Malaysia.

     Besides that, Absolut fans stand a chance to win a trip to Phuket too! Just post your Karnival moment on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag  #KarnivalEverywhere. Double the chance of winning if your Karnival moment is at the Absolut brand store at KLIA.

More info refer to : www.absolut.com  or Absolut Facebook Page



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     Attended Signing Ceremony of Miss XES Elegant last week together with Jenny Ma. Bloggers and media were invited to this event to share the happiness of the signing ceremony between Mico Pun and XES Shoes. The signing ceremony took place at headquarter of XES Shoes at Shah Alam, thanks Jenny for gave me a ride ^_< After registered ourselves we walk around the shop. Meet many familiar faces there, we took photos and chit chat while waiting for the signing ceremony to start.

Our OOTD : Jenny in pink crop top and black skirt while I am wearing one piece dress in pink with white stripes

With the friendly and pretty Sabrina (middle) who is in charge for the event

Jenny, Me and Kerchi

Jenny and me with Elana Khong

Elana Khong, me, Grace and Jenny

     After a short welcome speech by Sabrina, the signing ceremony started. Mico Pun has been crowned as Miss XES Elegant during the grand finale night of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014. So today she will sign a contract with XES Shoes as the ambassador of Xes Shoes. Congrats to XES Shoes and Mico Pun, shine bright in the future! =)

Mr Simpson Wong, Managing Director of Shellys Marketing and Mico Pun, Miss XES Elegant

     Lets have a glance on the latest collection of shoes and bag from XES Shoes too. Before the event end, each of us can choose and bring one product home! Thanks to the generous Xes Shoes!

#About XES Shoes
-Established on 23rd March 2002, Managing Director Mr Simpson Wong created the XES brand
-Their business concentrate on retail chain store management as well as local and export OEM
-XES shoes provide perfect and affordable footwear for everyday use, stylish, comfort and value for money
-In 2014, the brand has been revamped and has a new tagline 'Superior Comfort for Happy Feet' to indicate the warm and comfortable features of XES shoes
-Currently XES shoes has more than 80 outlets in major shopping and retail complex

Going through the brochure for new series of XES Shoes products

This is the bag that I choose at last, so match with my heels *grin*

     After this event, Jenny and me hanging out at Tous Le Jour KL while waiting for the party at night! Stay tune for the coming post about Absolut Karnival Launching Party at G Tower! Till here =)



1. People say that I'm a soft person but they will never know my true color until I get mad, bahaha.
2. If people betray me, i wont trust them for the second times.
3. I'm addicted to strawberry chocolate from #MeijiJapan currently, buy me some if you meet meXD
4. Not many people know that I'm short sighted. I think so?
5. I hate the feeling of being ignored by someone.
6. I got no patience at all, if you make me wait, something bad will happen. *refer to No.1*
7. I love coffee!
8. I can't stay at home for more than two days, its so boring.
9. Always doubt on my own ability, no confidence at all, aiks.
10. I'm a very stubborn person, I do what I want to do without taking other advise most of the time.
11. I wish I can grow taller.
12. I like pink and black color.
13. I wish to visit Japan before I'm 30 yrs old 
14. I love photography because it capture and save the moment.
15. I want to learn how to bake. *if I have more free time*
16. Jay Chou is my only idol, I can listen to his song whole day long.
17. I scare snake, yerrrr 
18. I get emo easily, lol.
19. My room never look tidy. Oppsss
20. You are too awesome because you read all twenty of my #craptalk, arigato, hahaha.


     5 of us girls from MHB joined two days one night Sony Alpha Workshop in Malacca last month. Read on to know what have we learned during the workshop! All of the photos below were captured using Sony camera.

First Day
     Depart from Times Square KL to Malacca. Checked in hotel and had our lunch before the class start.

Selfie first once get Sony cameraXD

Food Photography
     The first class was to shoot raw food  after a short speech by organizer.

My serious face during the class, hahaha, credits to Lean Jee for this picture.

The basic set up for the class, all we need to have is a light, trigger and a Sony camera.

Here I grab a pictures from Jenny Ma to show you guys the outcome of this food photography. Credits to Jenny Ma for this picture. I did not get any shot because there was so many people queue up to use the equipment, I did not get the chance to shoot. 

Flash Photography
     Heading to Kampung Morten, Malacca to learn flash photography. We were brief by the instructor that the shooting theme is Merdeka, we done this shoot in one of the kampung house.

The pretty blogger Charis. 

The friendly Atok explained to us the history of the 'Rumah Kampung'. It has been built for more than 92 years, and no major renovation until now except the kitchen. 

Grandma with his grand daughter was sewing Malaysia flag.

Charis and Kerchi done some fun shoot at the lawn. 

Pre Wedding Photography
     We went to Malacca town area for pre wedding photography class at night after our dinner. We were using LED light to shoot the models in wedding gown and suit.

Second Day
     Woke up at 4am for sunrise photography class but unluckily the weather was cloudy and there was thunder light. End up we took lightning photo instead of sunrise, LOL. We gave up and heading back to hotel. But when we are on the way back to hotel, we saw the sun light and we managed to get few sunlight photos at last. 

My Review for Sony Alpha 5100

     Sony has just launched a new alpha series which is Sony Alpha 5100! Wish to get one for my coming Thailand trip after tried out the camera during the workshop because it is so light, convenience to bring out and easy to use. I only have one compact camera and dslr now, sometimes I feel so lazy to carry the heavy dslr along. Here I grab an image from Sony Malaysia Facebook Page for reference. This Alpha 5100 has attracted me because of the its great function, 24.3 Megapixel with touch screen function and 179 AF Points. Below are the photos that we took using Alpha 5100 at Malacca. It has built in Wi-Fi function where we can transfer our photo to phone via Wi-Fi without using cable. Plus, the monitor can be flip 180 degree so it is suitable for girls who love selfie a lot!

Me with Aerisk, took it with flash and soft skin mode on during the sunrise photography class. See how the color turn out, superb nice! There is no red eyes and the soft skin mode is so natural.

Me with Kerchi, took it inside the bus when we heading back to KL.

     Overall, I enjoy the two days one night workshop with Sony, hope there is more photography workshop to enhance my photography skill! =)

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