I believe that many people, especially women wish for a lighter, brighter, smooth and glowing skin. I was recently invited to join the tea session with NanoMD a few weeks ago where they introduced their new product the NanoMD® Bright to us!

   NanoMD® Bright is the world's newest and most advanced supplement which focuses on skin protection, nutrition and brightening. It works from the inside out to improve the deeper structure of the skin and the entire body.

【BEAUTY】: 告别肤色暗沉!| DR GLAMOGENIC 亮肤霜

   肤色暗淡绝对是女孩们的天敌!大家都想要拥有白暂光滑的肌肤。身体的一些部位比如腋下,膝盖,肘部等都比较容易有黑色素沉淀,导致这些部位的肌肤会显得暗沉。相信大部分女生都有面对这样的问题,甚至有些女生因为腋下比较暗沉,不敢穿无袖的衣服出门~ 这里就和大家分享一下我最近在使用的 Dr Glamogenic 亮肤霜。

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