April 20, 2015

     When it comes to food choices, I always concern about healthy and nutritious meal where I cut down process food consumption and the serving size of vegetables is always more than meat. I bet most of you know the benefits of eating clean, so I think all of us should have a meatless diet once in a week. Nowadays, with many creative ways of serving a vegetarian meal, it is not boring and tasteless anymore. 

     I have been visited Be Lohas, vegetarian restaurant by BMS Organics last Saturday. Be Lohas served organic vegetarian cuisine with the principles of healthy ingredients, five 'NOs' (no MSG, no GMO, no artificial colouring, no chemical preservatives, no microwave cooking), four 'LOWs' (low salt, low sugar, low oil, low calory) three 'HIGHs' (high energy, high fiber, high nutrients), and use only purple clay cookware. Every order comes with complimentary Honey Ginger Tea and Spirulina tablets. 

Complimentary Honey Ginger Tea and Spirulina tablets.

     I have tried out few really tasty dishes at the restaurant that I want to share with you all. Best seller of the restaurant, the Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodle. Without coconut milk but soya milk instead, the curry broth is still very smooth! Plus it is not too spicy, suitable for people who don't like spicy food. Thumbs up. But too bad if you are a strict vegetarian, you cannot taste it because it contains garlic. I hope they can invent a recipe of the Laksa without garlic in future. Here are the 5 points why this Laksa is healthier

1. Use Organic Soya Milk instead of Coconut Milk
2. Use unbleached flour and brown rice vermicelli 
3. Use Grape Seed Oil 
4. Organic Dou Bao 
5. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is used 

Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodle  RM18.90

     Next, come to the chef recommended Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice, the Hakka Lei Cha. I seldom take Lei Cha because I don't like the strong herbal taste of the Lei Cha Soup. I decided to give this a try since it is everyone favourite dish in the restaurant. Loaded with five different colours of the ingredients which is organic and nutritious, Lei Cha is served with 3 Grains Rice and Lei Cha Soup. The taste of the Lei Cha Soup is milder, which can be accepted by me.

Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice (Hakka Lei Cha)  RM21.90 
Different colours of the dishes help to nourish different organs:
Black (Kidney) - Organic black fungus/ Organic Sesame
White (Lung) - Organic Cabbage/ Organic home-made dried white radish
Red (Heart) - Organic Carrot
Green (Liver) - Organic Lettuce/ Organic Cucumber/ Organic Long Bean
Yellow (Stomach) - Organic Millet/ Brown Rice/ Cashew Nut
High fibre Lei Cha Soup contains organic tea leaves, premium cashew nut, basil, peanut and mint leaves.
3 Grains Rice that is high in B Vitamins.
     We also had Traditional Chinese Herbal Soup with Rice. There are generous amount of ingredients in the flavourful herbal broth like mushrooms, cabbage, and Dao Bok. Rainbow Claypot Rice that we tried out taste good as well. Brown rice cooked with claypot bringing a special aroma and it is crusty, added with colourful vegetables on top to serve.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Soup with Rice  RM20.90

Rainbow Claypot Rice  RM23.90
The rice is crunchy and crusty, with a special aroma. 

     Summer Fruit Tea made up of fresh fruits like Passion Fruit, Orange, Apple and more will be a good choice to go with an organic meal. I like this refreshing tea so much, it is less sweet and you can really taste the fruits. 
Summer Fruit Tea  RM17.90 (2/4 pax)

     They have Daily Special promotion right now, probably this can move you to try out some of their menus? 

     After dine in, I walk around BMS Organics shop that is just right beside Be Lohas restaurant to look for some organic products. BMS Organics sell a wide range of organic products includes beverages, supplements, snacks, baby products, kitchen essentials and more. I get myself Biogreen Dream Coffee Oatmilk, Biogreen Pink Lady and Black Sesame Peanuts Cube from the shop. 

My breakfast for the next few days!

BMS Organics
Be Lohas
(next to Cold Storage)
LG 310, One Utama Shopping Mall (new wing)-1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre,
Bandar Utama, 47800
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours : Mon-Thurs & Sun : 10am-10pm
                            Fri-Sat : 10am-10.30pm
Tel : 03-7725 0828

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