August 09, 2015

     Last Saturday, I pay a visit to IMP Hair Studio to try out their new hair treatment, Deep Layer 5 Step Hair Treatment that is going to launch at this Saturday(15 Aug)!   () I'm interested in reviewing about this hair treatment because they are using the products from MoltoBen Professional Japan! MoltoBene is a popular brand in Japan and it has 40 years history in the market. Thanks IMP Hair Studio for the offer. IMP Hair Studio is located at Jalan Prima Setapak. It is a saloon with a simple and cosy interior, white colour make it look extra elegant. 

     Besides from professional hair services, they also sell Japan imported hair products like MoeMoe, Loretta and more. All of this products has cute and reusable packaging which grab girl's attention a lot. Don't hesitate to ask the hairstylist to share about the brand if you are interested to know more.

How can a hair gel be so cute?  
A series of products from Loretta. 
MoeMoe Hair Care Series

Me getting ready for the hair treatment~

*Extra Info*
     I grab this image from Google.com to explain how a normal and damaged hair looks like. Healthy hair should look like the picture on the left where hair cuticle is closed and look smooth. From the picture on the right side, we can see that damage hair has many open cuticles. This is why we need hair treatment to keep the cuticle closed and moisturise our hair so that we can have shiny and healthy hair. 

--Deep Layer 5 Step Hair Treatment-- 

     With 5 easy steps, this treatment gives inner and outer repair to your hair. It is proven to rescue all type of damaged hair and gives softness to the hair with moisture retention.  

1. Penetrate-high molecule hydrolyzed keratin is penetrated into damaged cuticle in hair. 
2. Combination-hydrolysed keratin made of feather + hair peptide fill the gap between damage hole
3. CMC Repair-repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC and Pellicles (help keratin molecule to get bigger by combining each other)
4. Film-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid (absorbent type) lock step 1-3 repair components and prevent dryness. 
5. Coat-Fluorine with water repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the result of the treatment. 

     Tadaaa~You have completed the Deep Layer 5 Step Hair Treatment. Without using any equipment but just apply 5 Step hair products. Look at the mirror the see the difference! Love it? Get a bottle of Home Care Treatment to maintain the result longer before your next hair treatment. 

Hair wash before the treatment start.
Charmaine explained to me the steps of the treatment.
After hair wash, step 1 was applied on my hair. 
Step 2-5  was applied on my hair. 
My hair was then blow dry and style by Charmaine. 
Before and after the treatment, you can obviously see that my hair is smoother and shinier, thanks IMP Hair Studio for saving my dry hair, I love the result so much  (^▽^

Products that use for Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment, plus a bottle of Home Care Treatment to keep your hair shiny. 

Kindly refer to this picture for Chinese explanation. 

With the lady boss of IMP Hair Studio, Charmaine Chen. She is so kind to explain every step of the treatment to let me understand how the treatment work so that I can share with  my readers.
Thanks IMP Hair Studio for making my hair look shiny again (◕‿◕✿)

     Try Deep Layer 5 Step Hair Treatment for just RM50 on the launching day, 15 August from 1-5pm! Give them a call now as there is limited slot available and you can stand a chance to bring back home a gift after the treatment. Tag along a friend to do the treatment together to get an additional RM50 cash voucher. I will be there at 4pm for my second hair treatment, come and join me

IMP Hair Studio
No 16, Jalan Prima Setapak 3,
Off Jalan Genting Klang
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4021 4148
Business hour: Mon-Fri  1130am-10pm
                         Sat-Sun   11am-9pm

Official website: http://moltobene.co.jp/
Facebook Page

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