September 07, 2015

   Hi readers! Anyone of you went to Bon Odori too yesterday? I was late to be there because I wasn't feeling well and started to get myself prepare quite late, sob, took medicine before I went there. It was still raining when I reach there about 7pm but luckily it stop after few minutes. Managed to take only few pictures, scroll down to see how I look in Yukata! My first time to wear a Yukata.

**All the photos below were taken using Sony A5100 and IPhone 5s. A5100 is so good in taking pictures in low light situation, love how the colour turn out.

Sweet make up to match with my Yukata.

   We walk around the stadium that was full with patrons, it was so happening right here with the performance and booths that selling foods, drinks and Japanese Omiyage. Didn't managed to try out all the food because there was long queue at most of the booths. We just simply buy some food and drink as dinner. 

   Sit down to have our dinner first before we continue to take pictures and join other activities. We had Teppanyaki Chicken with fruit juice and soda drink. Itadakimasu~~

Teppanyaki Chicken with bean sprouts and rice.

A picture with the kawaii Domo Kun.

Instax picture from Fujifilm's booth, love it.

Last picture before we heading back to home.

   Not forget to include two full body shoot of me in this lovely Yukata. Hair and make up was done by myself.


Zoom in picture of my eyes make up.

    Bon Odori ended with dance performance, hope that I can be there earlier next year to have more time to walk around, picnic and also took more pictures, till next year~~

 Short video recorded using Iphone.

p/s : I bought this Japanese dessert called Anmitsu home, it tastes nice and suitable to eat in hot weather.

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