January 15, 2016

   Visited to Daisuke Salon to change my hair color before I fly to Taiwan! Daisuke Salon is a Japanese salon located at PJ 3 Two Square. They provide all kind of professional hair services for their customers include hair perming, hair colouring, hair treatment and more with affordable price. All the stylist is well trained by Daisuke San, a stylist from Japan.

Daisuke Salon.

Receptionist counter.

   The interior of Daisuke Salon is so dreamy and relaxing, white wall, white curtains and climbing plants around the mirror. Besides that, private room is also available for Muslims, how thoughtful they are. 

Private room.

   After discussed with my hair stylist Amanda Fang Fang, we decided to do soft ombre hair this time~Cannot wait to see the final outcome! I sat in one of the private room with sofa and book rack that are full with magazines, books and comics. It keeps me entertain while waiting for my hair to be done. They also put on a scarf on me to keep me warm during the hair makeover process.

   Before dyeing my hair, I had done CO2 Hair Scalp Treatment which is also known as Tansan Treatment. This is to remove the oiliness and dirt in my scalp using carbonated water. I can feel that my scalp is more refreshing after the treatment because I have oily scalp problem. Besides from cleansing, carbonated water is proven to improve blood circulation and optimize the results of hair colouring.

This is the result after Tansan Treatment, I'm quite shocked to know that all this dirt is actually from my scalp. 
   Start to dye hair! 
First color applied on my hair.
Bleaching process. 

Amanda Fang Fang style my hair after done the colouring process.

   Taadaaa~Here is my new hair colour done and style by the professional stylist Amanda Fang Fang. Look at the beautiful gradient color, from dark brown to light brown and then faded pink in the end of my hair. I love the outcome so much~

   Before I leave the salon, of course I didnt miss out the chance to do a quick shoot in the beautiful salon with my new hair colour. The interior design of the salon is just nice for a photo shooting after hair makeover. 

   20% discount for my readers! Hoorayyyy~ ◕‿◕   
   Visit to Daisuke Salon for hair makeover and mention my name 'Mikayo' to get 20% discount! Only applied to first-time customers ya, give them a call to book your slot =)

Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

C-25-01, 3 Two Square
No 2, Jalan 19/1,
Petaling Jaya.
Phone : 03-79600140
Business hour : Tue-Sat 10am-8pm
                          Sun       10am-6pm
Website : http://daisukesalon.blogspot.com/
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/DaisukeSalon/?fref=ts

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