December 19, 2015

   Potatoes are just one of the common food for me until I discover more about potatoes in the U.S. Potato Fest organized by U.S. Potato Board at  KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie. I love to eat french fries, wedges, and mashed potatoes but I never know that potatoes actually contains so many vitamins and minerals that are good for our body.

Taking photo at the photobooth with Suki Yap before the event start.

   After a warm welcome speech and a short introduction by the host, Indra Balaratnam, the Dietitian (expert in prescribing therapeutic nutrition) took over the stage with a presentation of the goodness of U.S. potatoes. Said Indra, 'According to the research of JACN, people can eat potatoes and still lose weight!' What I good news for me because I'm a potato lovers.

Interesting presentation by Indra Balaratnam, the Dietitian. 

   International award-winning Chef Kenneth Kam shared tips on how to prepare U.S. Potato Soup, Creamy Gratin U.S. Potatoes and Oven Roasted Quail U.S. Potatoes by doing a quick demonstration on the spot. Chef Kenneth shared that 'I am pleased to collaborate with the U.S. Potato Board in this wonderful event. Being a chef myself, I recommend more households to use potatoes as a key ingredient in their home cooking due to their versatility and health benefits.

Demonstration by Chef Kenneth. 
Demonstration by Chef Kenneth. 
Food plating by Chef Kenneth to make the dish look more attractive.
U.S. Potato Soup
Creamy Gratin U.S Potatoes
Oven Roasted Quail U.S. Potatoes

   The main event of the day was a culinary challenge between bloggers. My team's name is 'Patata' which include me and my pretty partner, Suki Yap. All the participants need to create our own recipe using various types of U.S. potatoes to cook.

Different types of U.S. Potatoes.
Start to cook!
Almost done!
Taadaaa~ Here is our potato dish which contains starter (potato soup), main (potato burger) and dessert (mashed potato & potato cheesy ball).

   While waiting for judging, media and bloggers were served with potatolicious lunch! Everything was prepared using potatoes. Although we did not win any title in this competition but both of us enjoyed the fun cooking session with all the bloggers. We also gained some new knowledge about potatoes after the event and some tips on how to prepare a potato meal!

Happy us with our potato dishes.

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