April 20, 2016

   Found out that most of my friends are now using Shopback to do their online shopping. Out of curiosity, I click onto the website and knew that I can earn cash back while I do online shopping! I was like 'Is that for real? I'm able to earn money while I'm spending money!' I quickly joined as a member to test out is this really works.

   The website is actually quite user-friendly, I can easily find the shop that I want to look for. As you can see from the screenshot above, there are many popular online stores that you can earn cashback include Lazada, Groupon, Taobao, Air Asia and more!

   This illustration will make you understand how cash back works. Merchants reward Shopback a commission for referring user to shop on their site, and Shopback decided to share the rewards together with all the entire user! 

   Still wondering how it works? Watch this video!

   Some comments for real user. 

   I'm going to earn my first cashback through shopping at Qoo10, one of the websites that I always shop for beauty products. Just a brief introduction of Qoo10, they are a joint venture company formed with eBay. It is secure and convenient to shop here. They offer business partnership opportunity for sellers too. Now I can shop for my favorite items on Qoo10 and earn cash back from Shopback! Find the latest Qoo10 discount codes and voucher codes.

   Click Shop Now to proceed to the website. Shopback will remind you some important T&C before start to shop.  

Loading to Qoo10~~

Taaaadaaa~~ We are here! Please make sure you go into Qoo10 website through Shopback's link to ensure that you can earn cash back.

Here are some good deals that I found, I don't mind to share with you guys~
1. Korean Beauty Products

Look at what I found, Line Friends Edition Missha Cushion! This cushion is quite popular in the market and you can get it from Qoo10 at RM48.90 only! *limited time* You can save up RM22.52 compare to retail price, at the same time you are getting 5.0% cashback from Shopback too, what a good deals!

2. Coupon with value up to RM100

Coupons mean more discount! Hoooray~Enjoy buying things at Qoo10 and use this voucher to get more discount while earning cash back. *with minimum purchase*

   Not only Qoo10, there are actually more online shop that you can collect cash back from. Find other discounts like Lazada vouchers.

   Interesting? Join this great cashback site for shopping online now!
Get RM5 when you sign up through my referral link: https://www.shopback.my/?raf=iUQNyt. Happy Shopback peeps!

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