February 08, 2017

   A lovely afternoon spent with my friends, my favorite Green Tea Latte and some green tea latte infused traditional desserts! Thank you BOH for throwing such a fun Green Tea Latte party at Merchant Lane KL! I definitely enjoy my #GreenTeaLatteMoment during the party. 

   BOH has now launched its all-new Green Tea Latte, made with authentic and natural Japanese Matcha powder and infused with Stevia Leaf extract as a natural sweetener, which is healthier and low calories. It comes in the form of sachets, allowed you to enjoy your hot or cold Green Tea Latte at anytime and anywhere, very convenience. One packet of BOH Green Tea Latte with 12 sachets inside is priced at RM14.30. You can now get it from all major retailers! 

   Mr. Chen Chaw Chang, head of Marketing and Export, BOH Plantations and Ms. Caroline Russell, CEO of BOH Plantations introduced to us the new recipes during the event, which is Green Tea Latte Milkshake with Red Beans. Green Tea Latte and Red Beans are a match made in heaven, it is easy to make and good to enjoy during hot weather.

   Do you know that BOH Green Tea Latte can be used to make dessert too? During the event, we were served with Traditional Malaysian dessert infused with BOH Green Tea Latte. The BOH Green Tea Latte and BOH Cham Bahulu taste so good with a nice tea aroma. 

Dessert table

BOH Green Tea Latte and BOH Cham Bahulu

BOH Green Tea Latte Agar Agar
   Time to enjoy my Green Latte Latte with the dessert! As a fan of Green Tea Latte, I must say that BOH Green Tea Latte is pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, it is smooth, creamy and aromatic, with the right balance of sweetness. It tastes great either in hot or cold. 

   While we were enjoying our buffet lunch and dessert, the flat-lay photo contest was going on. Congratulations to the three winners! 

   I also have a little interview with my friends to know what they think about BOH Green Tea Latte!

   Thank you for joining me for the Green Tea Latte Party girls, XOXO!

   Satisfy your cravings of Green Tea Latte with BOH Green Tea Latte now, which is a healthier and affordable choice =)

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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