March 06, 2017

   Monspace Multinational Corp hosted and event to launch the all new SOFO massage chair and signing of Capital Injection Agreement with SOFO, a Chinese Smart Furniture Company. The event took place at Putrajaya International Convention Center on 26 Feb 2017. Mr. K.L. Chen, CEO of SOFO and Mr. Yuan Zhen Ping, founder of SOFO is the guests of the event. 

   "MONSPACE Multinational Corp taps into the endless potential of smart home living, riding on the market's anticipation for simplicity and convenience in everyday life, and their increasing purchasing power. I know smart home living is here to make our lives more elegant, convenient and enjoyable," said Dato' Sri Jessy Lai, CEO of MONSPACE Multinational Corp. 

   Since 2014, MONSPACE continuously looking for breakthrough and innovation. It is a multinational corporation with an active interest in eight primary sectors: telecommunication, real estate, technology, finance, entertainment, aviation, hospitality and F&B. Its new investment in SOFO aims to bring modern and high-tech home living into Malaysia. 

   SOFO founded in 1997 is based in Guangzhou, it is a corporation that specializes in the research, production, sales and service of health assets. It focuses on four main pillars include Chinese massaging, physiotherapy, beauty and exercise. They are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

Performance by Malaysia singer. 

   The highlight of the event is the launching of the massage chair designed and produced by SOFO. The all new massage chair comes with different pastel colors tone, it is elegant, young and energetic. 

"This chair reclines to a maximum of 132 degrees. Notably, users only need to leave 10cm between the chair and the wall behind it. This is a great improvement compared to conventional massage chairs, where 0.5-1.0m is required," said Mr. Chen, CEO of SOFO. The built-in motor that moves the chair forwards on its track as it reclines, saving space in the homes of users. 

   "Our hectic lifestyles are so stressful that many people are looking for a comfortable, affordable massage chair that combines many functions in one. After a busy day of work, resting at home and having your muscles massaged is immensely helpful to both our physical and mental wellbeing," said Mr. Chen, CEO of SOFO. 

   For more info about this multifunctional massage chair, do visit MONSPACE MALL.

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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