September 14, 2017

   Hello beauties, today I'm going to review Petal Velvet Powder from Althea! This Petal Velvet Powder is Althea's very own product range, inspired by Korea National flowers, Althea Petals. It claims to sets makeup and leaves the skin a silky smooth finish, let's try it out!

   Petal Velvet Powder comes in a pretty pink box with some dried flowers, thumbs up for the nice packaging!

   The packaging is simple and nice, in sweet pink color. 

   The main ingredients of Althea Petal Velvet Powder are flower seed extract, green tea and mandarin orange. It is suitable for all skin types and works to keep sebum producton at bay without drying out the skin for a radiant, fresh look, all while giving out a gentle scent. 

   The powder is translucent and the texture is smooth, it has a nice and mild flower scent when I apply on my face. 

   The puff included in it is cute and fluffy, the size is just perfect to hold in hand. 

   I like how the powder makes my skin looks smooth and bright as if giving a blur effect. I'm quite satisfied with its staying power and it doesn't cause any breakout. The retail price is RM16, which I think it is quite affordable. 

   Althea's Petal Velvet Powder is now available on www.althea.kr starting from 1st August 2017.

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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