March 06, 2019

   I believe that many people, especially women wish for a lighter, brighter, smooth and glowing skin. I was recently invited to join the tea session with NanoMD a few weeks ago where they introduced their new product the NanoMD® Bright to us!

   NanoMD® Bright is the world's newest and most advanced supplement which focuses on skin protection, nutrition and brightening. It works from the inside out to improve the deeper structure of the skin and the entire body.

   NanoMD® Bright utilizes Nano technologies that radically improve its skin brightening potential, reducing pigmentation and sun damage, while brightening the skin tone and improving the overall skin texture.

   The NanoMD® Bright represents the cutting-edge scientific discovery in nutrition and nano technology in a one-tablet-a-day form.

   NanoMD® Bright is a skin whitening tablet developed in Boston, USA by a multi-disciplinary team of world-class researchers and developers. It uses clinically proven ingredients which include:

*Pycnogenol-one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, proven to support the function of blood vessels and maintain collagen levels.
*Tomato Phytoconcentrate-helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of UV light 
*L-Cysteine-important component in the production cycle of lighter pigment (Pheomelanin)

   The human body's largest organ-skin-greatly benefits from NanoMD® Bright's novel 3-way impact. Besides its unique brightening and sun protecting action, NanoMD® Bright was clinically proven to regenerate and thus maintain levels of collagen, and support the overall condition of blood vessels. Blood vessels remain supple and flexible which allows for nutrients to reach the organs keeping them healthy.

   Clinical studies on this new discovery were published in 2018 prestigious clinical research journals. It is the most powerful supplement that is able to add years of healthy, glowing skin. 

   Take one tablet daily for maximum effectiveness. Each box of NanoMD® Bright contains 30 tablets which last for one month. To enhance the effectiveness of NanoMD® Bright, do also ensure that you get a good daily supply of Vitamin C from natural fruits such as grapefruits or even from Vitamin C supplements as the body does not produce or store it.

   Here are the before and after photo of me after I consumed NanoMD® Bright for a week. My skin tone is slightly fairer and more even compared to before. 

   The products will be available in Malaysia in 2019. This product is NOT available online. Use of the product is protected by one or more U.S. and other international patents. It is available only through physician offices and consultation with the physician may be necessary to evaluate whether you may benefit from the use of this novel product.

NanoMD® Bright is available in Malaysia and Singapore, exclusively at selected prestigious esthetic clinics below:

Sliq Clinic https://sliqclinic.com/
The Retreat Clinic http://theretreatclinic.com/
Alainn Clinic http://alainnclinic.com/

SHENS Clinic (https://www.shensclinic.com/)
TES Clinic (https://www.tesclinic.com/)

Keep in mind that the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established. And hence do consult your doctor.

For more info, head over to their official website: https://www.mynanomd.com/

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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