The launching of DynaDNA and DynaApp to improve Malaysian's health and knowledge

June 23, 2023

Held at Southeast Asia’s first 360 degree wellness hub, KL Wellness City the grand launching of Dyna Medical’s new product; the Dyna DNA test kits and Dyna Apps, a free-to-use platform to improve your health and knowledge! I am honored to be invited as one of their guests to witness this auspicious day along with other members of the media, lifestyle influencers, esteemed associates and medical guests. We’re also overwhelmed by the presence of a popular lifestyle influencer, Iman Azman and DNA Medical’s product specialist, Dr Hans Jeffry to share about the importance of taking control of one’s own health through DNA. 

The event started with every guest registering themselves to get a number in order to be eligible for the lucky draw session and also after registering, we’d also get the chance to participate in the fortune wheel game where you can win one of their new products. I got myself a sacha inchi oil that is beneficial to lower heart disease. They also put up a showcase of all of their products so that we can get to understand their product in depth and get to know the full range of their offering.

Following up will be, Mr. Martin Low Wink Keng, the Managing Director of Dyna Medical introduced DynaDNA as the latest service provider enabling Malaysians to get the latest and most accurate information about their health condition with just a simple saliva sample. With over 500 genetic tests that can be accurately conducted, it allows Malaysians to be more aware of the risk of genetic diseases, so we can pre prepare or change our daily lifestyle to take care of our health.

He also shared about the benefits of Dyna Apps, where users can view their DNA test kit results instantly at their convenience and also be able to book a consultation with qualified DynaDNA-partnered health professionals to explore their test results or to plan the next step of their health journey. It also has a built-in e-commerce feature that allows users to purchase health and wellness products. 

Next up will be a sharing by Iman Azman, popular lifestyle influencer about the importance of taking up a DNA test kit to allow a more in-depth understanding of our own body so that we can protect our family and children. 

It was a fruitful event, I have learned so much about how DNA test can help us to be healthier. At the end of the event, each of us gets to bring back one DynaDNA test kit. Do follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing my experiences and results with the test kit! 

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