Burger Factory, Oasis Damansara

January 20, 2014

   Went to Burger Factory last Christmas with my boy after work. Just simply choose one place for some snacks because we already had our dinner earlier. It was our first time to try out Burger Factory at Oasis Damansara. Was not satisfy with their services because we waited for almost one hour for our burger to be served. It was just few tables seated and we only ordered one combo set burger. Hope they will improve their services in future. Well the taste of the burger still ok for us. Lets see what we have there!

Many different type of burger to be choose and all look so tempting, we do took some time to make our order.

At last we ordered a burger named 'Meet The Chic', the name is so cute, haha.

This is how 'Meet The Chic' look like!

A zoom in photo of it.
Grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, chicken ham, pepperoni, fry sauce and side dish french fries with soda drinks in a combo set.

Photos of the burger with the environment.

     Alright, that's the end of the post, thanks for reading and stay tune for the next post! =)

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