January 08, 2014

     Just celebrated my birthday and I am officially turning 2x now yeappy! lol, suddenly feel so old...=.=
     Well this year I got 3 birthday celebration, felt so happy and blessed. Thanks everyone who celebrated my birthday with me and sent their wishes to me, appreciated. I will blog about my first birthday celebration and gathering with my long lost friends at kensington, Erawalk Seremban in this post!=)

 The environment at kensington. Christmas decoration is still there although Christmas has past, haha.

Decoration on our table.

Their menu. They are quite famous in steak so if you are visiting them in future, do not forget to try out!

Chicken Chop
Thick cheesy sauce with tender chicken chop and some vegetables and potato wedges, yummmm~

Beef Chop

Fish Chop


Carbonara with Chicken Chop

Our group picture.

That's all for this post! Stay tune for the next post =)

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