March 21, 2014

     Finally I have some time to blog about my first event in year 2014! I have attended the P1 OMA cny dinner on January. Felt so sorry for the delay post, was too busy this few months. By the way, it was so fun to gather with all the bloggers and make some new friends there! Lets flashback some happy moments during the event.

This was where P1 OMA CNY dinner took place, Hanz Harvest & Cafe.

Yummy finger foods and drinks was served once we reached there by the friendly staff.
All of us chit chat before the event started. 

Speech was given after all the invited bloggers reached. The speech is about CTO issue.
He shared with us 7 points that we must know before we sign any telco service contracts.

1. Know what you’re being offered
    The service contract specifies the service plan you’ll be getting and for what fixed price,
    including information on upfront payment, autopay discount etc. It also specifies ‘cooling-off
    period’ if any (duration you have to test the service for free), service guarantee or device
    warranty if any, the duration of contract, termination procedure, early cancellation fees and a
    host of other important information.

2. The service contract prevails over verbal communication of the sales personnel
    Ensure that the information in the service contract do not deviate from what the sales personnel
    communicated, if it does – the service contract prevails. At P1, we highlight key information in
    the service contract for customers to check-off before they sign on the contract, and additionally
    reiterate these key points in a welcome pamphlet. 

3. Customers’ obligation to understand contract information
    It is your right and responsibility to clarify information of which you are unclear prior to signing 
    the legally binding service contract. Ask the salesperson clarifying questions or get advice from
    someone knowledgeable. Certain terms and conditions may be updated from time to time
    without an obligation by the service provider to inform you. The service contract will however,
    specify how you can keep posted on updates – usually via the customer service portal of their
    respective websites.

4. Take note of the contract period
    Most telco services come with a contract period that will be specified in the service contract. If
    for any reason you would like to terminate your service before the contract ends, adhere to the
    standard termination procedure which may vary amongst telcos and note the applicable early
    termination charges, device return policies, etc. 

5. It is your responsibility to inform the service provider of service dissatisfaction in a timely
    Should the service provider fail to provide service, file a formal complaint through proper
    channels as the incident occur. While the phone conversations are recorded, ensure you get the
    contact details of the customer service representative and case ID. You may even want to take
    the extra step of sending an email capturing your discussion points for your own record. If the
    service provider fails to improve the service level, do not make the mistake of not going through
    proper termination procedures as you continue to be bound by a legal agreement. If your claim is
    valid – experiencing unhealthy signal strength to your service address and the system shows no
    connection/usage during the period of dispute -- you will be able to terminate the service
    successfully without early penalty charges. 

6. Renewal of contract
    Is there an automatic renewal? If you decide to exit after your contract term, pay attention to the
    contract end date and terminate the service accordingly. P1 does not practice automatic renewal,
    i.e., refresh the contract period but will continue to render you service and bill you on a monthly
    basis until on your end, you terminate the service. There is no early termination charge in this

7. Keep your service contract
    Your rights and the rights of the service provider are specified in the service contract. Do not
    throw out your contract as it is an official and legally binding document. You may also need to
    refer to it throughout your contract period.

Hope the tips is helpful for you when you want to sign a service contract! =)

After the speech, we had our "Lou Sang' session before the buffet dinner started, huat ah! It is Chinese tradition to 'Lou Sang' during cny celebration.

Lastly, our group photo with P1 team for the gathering.
Photo courtesy of  En. Maznizam.
Happy to meet and know all the bloggers during the event!

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