March 25, 2014

Received my quality photo print from Printic few months ago. It was my first time to have my photo print from overseas! So happy and satisfied with the outcome.

     Have you heard of Printic before? Printic is an IT company that based in Paris. They provided photo printing service by using apps. You just need to download the apps and choose the photos that you wish to print out from your android or ios phone, instagram or facebook and then click order! After few days you will received the photos which print in HD Polaroid-style, it makes photo printing so convenient! Besides that you can choose to send the photos to your loves on by key in his or her address in the apps!

     Here is some of the photos that printed out by Printic. All taken with Iphone, the pictures look sharp and nice!

     Start to fall in love with Printic? Don't wait! Download their apps through play store/apps store right now and explore it =)
     Thanks again to Printic for this sponsorship, do not forget to support them*winks*

Facebook : Printic

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