May 29, 2014

     Attended the premiere screening of Maleficent at GSC Pavilion yesterday. Thanks Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Malaysia for the premiere passes. There was a premiere party before the screening started, we enjoyed ourselves with food, drinks and taking photos around!

The entrance of the premiere party decorated with thorny stem.

There was a photo booth by 123Cheese.my after the entrance. The Malaysian edition of Maleficent was waiting for people to take pictures with her and the photo taken will be printed out after few minutes of waiting.

My picture with the Maleficent. Yay or nay?

Here is the picture of my #lotn with the props from photobooth.
Shading make up, red lips and hair all tied up in a grey long dress.

Buffet dinner was served for the premiere party.
Pasta, cakes, salad, fruits and orange juice was provided.

Get the chance to take picture with this two guardians that walk around.

     Maleficent is directed by Robert Stromberg and the cast include Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning and more. The movie is about the story of the Maleficient which is played by Angelina Jolie where she experience the lost in trust with true love, revenge, regret for what she done and at last forget all the past and stay happy. Love can change a person and even the world. My review about this movie is I like how the story turned out, it wasnt same with the story of the 'Sleeping Beauty' that we knew before, so the audience will be surprising by the storyline. Angelina Jolie carried the character of Maleficent so well, she look pretty with the sexy red lips. And I like the climax part, feel like wanna cry out when King Stephen is died.

Watch the trailer here!

     Not forget to mention that I have won the first place in the best dressed award under Nuffnang and get Maleficent merchandises. Actually I got no idea what to wear until I found a long grey dress in my wardrobe,lol. Not expect to be win as I did not DIY any headgear or costume, too busy with my new sem at uni recently. Again, thanks Nuffnang for the invitation and prizes, blogging has bring me so much of fun!

With the first prize winner under ChurpChurp.
He deserved the first place in best dressed, look at his costume and headgear, look alike right?

     Guys, Maleficent is up on cinema today! Dont forget to book a ticket and enjoy the movie, teehee! And do not forget to support my blog by clicking 'join this site' on the sidebar to follow my blog!

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  1. Hi there! You can find your soft copy from 123Cheese.my FB. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/edit/a.737915916254584.1073742055.516129705099874/
    Enjoy the photos! 

  2. Seems like it's a nice movie! Gonna watch it soon :D


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