June 05, 2014

     Hellooooo all! I am back with new post again and it is about my first ever GIVEAWAY for my readers, yay! Continue to read if you want to get some beauty products for free from me=)
     The reason behind this giveaway is that I am moving house recently and I found out some beauty products that I havent use, it is so wasted if I just keep it there so I decided to give it away to anyone who need it. All the products is brand new.
     Alright, lets see what we have for this giveaway!

Code : 001
Product : Contact lens (power : 250 250)

Code : 002
Product : Contact lens (power : 325 225)

Code : 003
Product : Peripera Lips Tint (korea cosmetic product)

Code : 004
Product : Clio BB Cream (with SPF35 and PA ++)

Code : 005
Product : Clio Pencil Gel Liner (grenn colour waterproof eyeliner)

     Excited for this giveaway? C
omplete the rafflecopter below and you might be the lucky one who bring back the product! Deadline is on 11 June, good luck!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    1. Irene complete this form to join this giveaway ya=)

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