June 16, 2014

     Hey ya, here we go to the next half of the year 2014! Time flies, how was you guys did for the past half year? Well for me I experience up and down in the past 6 months, I am going to make a conclusion of my life in the first half of year 2014 in this post.

End my first year of degree study life with all the hectic assignments. Moving on to year two now, must study harder! Uni life was fun when you can hanging around with your coursemates after done all the assignments.

Started to get more blogger event invitation
My blog is growing up! Thanks to all the sponsorship and invitation! I feel lucky and happy for what blogging has bring to me. I get to know more friends, try out new things and more. Ps : Hoping that more advertorials and sponsorship will get in touch with me soon =P

Eat out all the good food and drinks good coffee
I like to eat and drink coffee so so much.Whenever I feel stress or unhappy, food (or should say dessert?) is the first things that come across my mind. Eat can help me to release stress and make me happy, especially those food with nice presentation haha. And sometimes I cook too! But I only know how to cook some simple meal.  I am interested to learn how to bake recently, hope that I got time to learn how to bake a cake and cookies.

Colored my hair at Nekderx, it is greenish brown right now, but not really can seen through photo, planning to change it to lighter brown colour now. Get my gel nail art done at BeeQnails(will blog about this nail saloon soon!), pastel galaxy with hello kitty,
My #ootd, I like to wear and buy one piece dress recently, because it is more convinience when I am rushing to go out, no need to think of how to pair my top and bottom, haha.
Went to Sekinchan and Bukit Tinggi during my sem break, happy trip, will blog about it too, stay tune.
My beauty products haul at Beauty Fair KLCC, a crazy shopping day with my bestie.
Do follow my instagram @mikayo_ito  to get my latest update of food, travel, beauty products, ootd shoot etc.

Get rob twice in this year
Well it was a hard time for me in this half year, I had lost total of 10k++(my make up tools,Iphone, dslr, laptop), it was a big amount for me as a student. I work as part timer to earn money and buy those things except the dslr and laptop is from my mummy. It was really an unforgetable memory for me and I am super down after this cases happened.

     Well, I would like to end this post with a quote for myself and also all of you, my readers : Life will not always full with happiness, stay strong and pass through all the hard time and you will growing up, just smile and move on! 

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