July 04, 2014

     Hello peppo, new post again! I am going to share with you guys my first time experience to do my gel nail art at BeeQnails Salon, SS2! I love my nail so much right now that I hope the design can stay forever on my nail haha, but it is impossible because my nail is growing and I will need to remove my gel nails after 2-3 weeks time. Now let me show you guys what design I have done. Here it is, I named it as 'Kitty Pastel Galaxy'!

     Nice right? It was done by the lady boss, Melissa, she is very friendly and nice. We had some discussion on what design I want to do before start and the outcome is just like what I want! *happy me*
I have take many many many x100 photos of my nails will post it in the end of this post.

     BeeQnails is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya, it is just right beside the main road. Here is a map done by blogger Isabel Lee in case you cannot find the place.

     Why BeeQnails? Because they are professional and their service is good. They only use O.P.I products and all the manicurist is trained by O.P.I. Besides that, BeeQnails is a cosy place for we girls to do our nail because the environment is very comfortable. They also provide tit-bits, drinks, and tv show for their customers, you wont be bored while waiting for your nail to be done. Oh, there is wifi too if you want to surf internet! You can ask for password from the manicurist. And you can discuss with the manicurist which nail art design you want to do as they will give you some advice so that the outcome can satisfy the customers.

Avocado Pedicure Treatment (RM75)
*Shaping, soak, scrub, cuticle detailing, callus removal, massage, polishing
I have try out the exclusive Avocado Treatment by BeeQnails. After the treatment I can feel that the skin of my leg is more smooth. Avocado is packed with naturally moisturizing, protecting and soothing ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins, and avocado oil.

O.P.I Age Defying Spa Manicure (RM88)
     *Shaping, exfoliate, revitalizes, cuticle, detailing, renew, protect hands, polishing
     Make your hands more younger by using the professional hand care by O.P.I im 4 step system which can exfoliates, revitalizes, renews, and protects hand, it is easy to use. I have tried it out myself, I love the fragrance of this products and after apply the lotion my hands is more moisturize. 

Gel Color by O.P.I (RM50)
Nail Art Design (RM20-RM100)
     Moved on to the gel nail art. GelColor by O.P.I is fully LED cured from foundation to finish in 4 minutes per set (standard UV cure need 12 minutes) and it is proven that it can last for two weeks. Variety of design to choose from and it is all imported from Japan (the Hello Kitty stickers on my nail is imported from Japan too) and also assorted nail accessories to add on.

     Thanks BeeQnails for the pampering session with friendly and caring services! If you are going to do your nail why dont try out BeeQnails? They are having promotion for students right now and you can quote my blog 'mikayoito.blogspot.com' to get a 5% discount. Book your time slot for manicure and pedicure now girls=)

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