July 26, 2014

     Hello readers! In this post I am going to review about Benefit REAL push-up liner. This product has been lauched on 27 June. Felt so sorry for the delayed post, I am quite busy with my tons of assignments and I need some time to prepare and shoot photos for the dolly eyes make up tutorial that I am going to share in this post, I hope you guys learn something in the end of this post, lets go on!

     I have use pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and gel liner before and there has pros and cons but Now Benefit has come out with the new push-up liner! Do you know what is so special about this push-up liner and how it win my heart? Here is the 3 points :
                                   *It is easy to apply and portable
*True matte black, long lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof
                                   *Soft and custom angled tip

Look at the soft rubber tips, it is special design for easy application.

     A little tips for you before apply the push-up liner. You may practice on your hand first by drawing different types of lines(ultra thin to bold) to create the line effect that you want.

-5 minutes dolly eye make up-
     I will share a step by step tutorial on how to create a dolly eye make up with Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner in 5 minutes with BB cream on. This is a quick make up where you can apply it whenever you are rushing and got no time to make up.
This is how it look like after make up, the focusing is on eye make up while for face we just need to appy some BB cream and eyebrow liner. 

A zoom in photo of the dolly eyes make up, I bet you guys did not realize that the lower eyelashes is drawn one right? Ahhhaaa...XD
Continue to read to know how to create this eyes make up!

1) Open the cap and twist the bottom of the eyeliner, the gel liner will come out from the tips.

2) Do some practice on your hand first on how to draw the shape of the eyeliner that you want to create before apply.

3)Draw the upper eyeliner follow the eyelashes line. 

4) Create the lower eyelashes by drawing few short and sharp line on your lower eyelid that has the same distance in between each line. (about  0.2mm )

Taadaaa, you make it! How fast and easy right? And you may add on false upper eyelashes so that your eyes will look more bigger and dolly *winks*

     Do you love this Benefit REAL push-up liner like me? Then you should get it in make up store today and style your eyeliner look! Thanks for reading and hope you guys like the tutorial, this is my first time doing make up tutorial, if you like it please leave a comment for me so that I will write more tutorial in future!

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