January 10, 2015

     Look pale with no make up on? Here is a star product from Shizens, lips tattoo to save you from looking pale like a vampire! This product is popular among girls because it is different from your ordinary lipstick. What is so special? Scroll down!

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1) Long lasting. For ladies who apply lipstick, it is a common problem where our lipstick sticks on the cup or straw. If you are using Shizens lips tattoo, this won't happen anymore, your lipstick not gonna fade after meal. It can last for at least 8 hours.

With eyeliner and Shizens Lips Tattoo.

With Shizens Lips Tattoo
2) Look natural. Create a natural make up look with just applying Shizens Lips Tattoo or with eyeliner, ready to go out for dating in just 5 minutes! Shizens Lips Tattoo will be a great make up tool when you have no time for full make up. The natural pinkish tones definitely make you look extra sweet! ^.<

3) Colour changing. Shizens Lips Tattoo changes color according to one's pH and body temperature. That mean if you and your friends are using the same product, but the colour turn out will be different. I also discover that thick and thin application of the lips tattoo also affect how the colour turn out. Look at the picture above, left is with thin application where the colour is light pink, right with few more times of application it turn to be more red.

     This product has been my favourite recently, I use it almost everyday. One more tips to share, if your lips is dry, you may apply lip balm or lip gloss after Shizens Lips Tattoo. Interested to try out this best seller product by Shizens? Wait no more ladies, go to the nearest Shizens outlet and make your purchase. =)

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