January 04, 2015

   Hello people, it is new year again! Forget all the bad things and look forward for a great year. I always like the end of the year, because all celebration comes in a row, Christmas Day, New Year Countdown and my birthday! I threw a mini birthday party yesterday and invited my close friends to celebrate together, will blog about it soon. Besides, I have also changed my hairstyle to welcome this new year, shorter hair with fringe! You would have noticed it if you followed my Instagram @mikayo_ito. I update my Instagram more often than blog.

     Back to topic, 2014 was a rough year for me as so many unhappy things happened, in 2015 I hope that lucky star will always stay by my side. I have a list of things that I want to do in 2015, instead of saying this is my new year resolution, I would like to say it is my 2015 to do list, I want to make everything happen.

1) Love myself more
2) Travel to two places/countries (at least)
3) Learn more, write more (clear all the pending post =P) and read more
4) Find someone who love me and I love him too
5) Enjoy and appreciate every moment
6) Put down all the sad memories
7) Improve my grammar
and the list continue....

     Well, that is just a small part of my long to do list, I cannot really think of anything more as I have not recover from illness (bad flu and cough that make me lost my voice, sigh). Night people, XOXO. 

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