February 13, 2015

     Attended Malaysia Hottest Bloggers (MHB) 'Sau Kung' Dinner last week. It was my first time to join MHB Sau Kung dinner as I just joined the community last year. I dress up myself in a red dress for this dinner event. We indulge ourselves with Chinese Fine Dining at The Royal Flush, Ara Damansara. It was a happy and fun night, we enjoyed all the dishes and chit chatting with each other under a comfy environment.

     The Royal Flush is a Chinese Fine Dining concept restaurant which served traditional Chinese food in a modern way. The design of the restaurant is special, like an ancient Chinese Palace which makes this place worth to discover. Highly recommended for family gathering.

     Lets see what I had for the 'Sau Kung' dinner~

Red Tang Lung is every where at Oasis Square. 

The Royal Flush look so pretty at night with all the red Tang Lung decoration, look alike ancient Chinese Palace.

Entrance of the restaurant. 

The interior and furniture of The Royal Flush look so grand. 

     'Lou Sang' is a must before we started our dinner, as the appetizer and to celebrate the new year. May all of our wishes come true in this year!

Royal Flush Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon
Yee Sang that consists of all the ingredients like shredded vegetables, shrimp crackers, fresh salmon and more.

Fresh salmon is one of the ingredients of the Prosperity Yee Sang.
Auspicious wishes was said by the supervisor while each of the ingredients is added.

Photo first before we started to toss the Yee Sang.

May all of our wishes come true in this new year! 
Double Boiled Top Shell with Ginseng Root
First dishes that is enrich with nutritious, inside the ginseng soup there is chicken meat, abalone slice, top shell, dried scallops and more. It taste so good. 

Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Scallops & Green Vegetables
Tender Kampung Chicken meat with the thick broth, you wont say no to this dishes.
Steamed GIant Garoupa Hakka Style
The steamed Groupa is fresh and taste good with soy sauce and parsley. 

Baked Ming Prawns with Japanese Sauce

Braised Mushroom Fish Maw with Vegetable
A usual dishes that served during CNY, but it is my favourite, I like to eat broccoli and mushroom so much.

Chinese New Year Waxed Meat Rice
The glutinous rice with waxed meat is so it taste a bit salty.

Crispy Chinese New Year Pancake with Yam
Fried 'Nian Gao' with yam is always the perfect combination.

Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut
Something sweet to conclude the decent meal! Longan with Sea Coconut is added with aloe vera that make it so refreshing, I prefer it to be less sweet

     Kindly refer to the pictures below for the menu and price list! The set that we had is Set Menu (A) RM1188++ for 10 pax.

     End this post with our group pictures and selfie taken during the night. Wishing everyone of you Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choi! =)

Yours truly.

With Tim Chew, founder of MHB.

With my best partner, Jenny Ma.

Group pictures of MHB members together with the founder, Tim Chew.
MHB members with Tim Chew and the owner of The Royal Flush.

The Royal Flush
Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No.2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel : +603-78311339
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