February 07, 2015

     Hey peeps! Sorry for lacking in update recently, my schedule is super pack, I will try to write more. Today I'm going to do a throwback post of me went to Number 76 to try out their signature hair treatment! I'm so excited before the treatment, hope Number 76 can help to save my tangled and dry hair! 

     I think everyone know the famous Number 76 hair saloon from Japan, so without much more introduction about them, I'm going to talk about the Signature Magical hair treatment that I have done in their saloon.
This is how Number 76 at Northpoint Mid Valley look like, clean and simple interior. 

The magazine is there for you while waiting time.

After I get seated, tea and biscuit was served. 
This is the treatment that I'm going to try out, excited!
They also offer scalp treatment and I heard many good feedbacks from their customers.

     How Signature Magical Hair Treatment work? First, they will wash and massage your hair before the treatment. After that treatment cream is applied on my hair and Ultrasonic Iron is used to iron my hair. It is a super fast treatment that only took about 20 minutes and no discomfort feel all the time. I was amazed by the result, my hair looks smoother after the final hair wash. I was given Deesse's Hair Treatment to maintain the smoothness of my hair in another four weeks.

What is good about Ultrasonic Iron?
1. The iron enhanced the effect on all chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment.
2. It vibrates at 37 000 beats per second, separates particle of protein, water, and oil in hair treatment. 
3. It does not use heat. It vibrates the cells of your hair and helps penetrating treatment deep into your hair. 

     The hair stylist shows me that Ultrasonic Iron does not produce any heat and it only use vibration. Water is sprayed on the Ultrasonic Iron and you can see the water droplet is vibrate and then evaporated! Amazing right? You may watch the video below for more understanding.

     Feel good with my soft and tangle free hair, you can see from the picture that my hair is smooth and shiny. Thanks for the wonderful service from Number 76! Arigato~

Number 76 Saloon North Point Mid Valley City
A-G-2 Ground Floor,
North Point, Mid Valley City,
No. 1, Medan Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2287 0661

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