March 12, 2016

   Saturday = cafe hopping day! Always in the mood to do cafe hopping on Saturday. After met my client last Saturday, I went to this Japanese cafe at Damansara Utama. Tea Press is an authentic Japanese cafe that offers premium Japanese tea and related goods imported from Japan. Their fresh tea leaves are shipped from Shizuoka, Japan, the origin of Japanese green tea. Besides they also served Japanese wagashi (Japanese sweets) and light foods.

They are selling green tea bags. 
Different type of green tea inside the jar. 

   During my visit, I ordered Iced Berry Aroma Green Tea (RM12) while my partner ordered Love Anko (RM15). Iced Berry Aroma Green Tea leaves are blended with raspberry and cranberry, the tea comes with light berry aroma which is nice and refreshing. Love Anko is smoothies mix with red bean paste and banana. 

Iced Berry Aroma Green Tea 
Love Anko
   We also ordered Strawberry Daifuku, a traditional Japanese rice cake 'mochi' served with fresh strawberry and Sakura Mochi, cake made with sticky rice served with fresh cherry blossom leaf which is eatable! For the first time in my life I ate cherry blossom leaf hehe, it tastes a little bit salty and crunchy, lol. (*must try!*)
Sakura Mochi
Strawberry Daifuku 

   Overall, I would like to rate this cafe 4.5/5! I really like the authentic Japanese green tea and wagashi served here. I hope that they could served more type of Japanese wagashi in future.

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Tea Press-The Japanese Tea Roasters
46G, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

2nd outlet : Da:men USJ
Business hour : Tue-Sat : 11am-10pm
                          Sun : 11am-9pm
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Tea-Press-The-Japanese-Tea-Roasters--982986088432557/

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