March 17, 2016

   A Sunday well spent with  Calvin Klein 2 x Laser Battle KL at Times Square. I was introduced to the brand new Calvin Klein 2 and enjoyed an exciting laser battle challenge with all the blogger friends!

While waiting for our turn, we can watch LIVE battle of other teams. 
Lockers are available to keep our bags and stuff inside before we start the game.
Light bites were prepared for us. 

Before the game start, crews brief us about the rule of the game and demonstration on how to use the laser gun. 
We look so energetic before the game start! Fighting~


Are You Ready for the Battle? 

Teamed up with my girls to protect our base! 
Trying to look cool with a laser gun in hand, lol.

   We took a break in the middle of the game. There was a short introduction session of the brand new Calvin Klein 2 to let us know the story behind this unique fragrance. We were arranged to experience the thrilling laser battle to let us feel the idea behind Calvin Klein 2, the THRILL of life and the THRILL of youth, symbolic of bold, free and diverse.

   The new CK2 is a dual-faceted scent for both him and her. It balances two opposing forces: the strike of spicy electric freshness and the warmth of magnetic woods. The fragrance opens with an unexpected spice of wasabi flavor upon application.

   The design and packaging of CK2 truly bring out the beautiful of minimalist and art. The look through clear container invites you to experience the scent before applying. The bottle represents pure, transparent and futuristic.

We tried CK2 on our hand during the event. 

   After that, we continued with the game and my team won third place, yay! We were quite happy with the result because most of our team members were newbies. I enjoyed the laser tag experience, it was really fun, sweat so much during the battle, phewww~ From the equipment to the players' experience, I think Laser Battle is really excellent in creating a special laser tag experience. The professional sound and light system, arena design, and laser gun gave us a whole new laser tag experience.

Partners in crime, Jenny Ma, Nicole Xiang and Tim Chew hiding behind, lol. 
Video shooting for Laser Battle.
Group photos with all the teams.

   CK2 launch will be happening at Mid Valley Centre Court on 21st-27th March 2016 with fabulous deals and exclusive experiences. Join the launching to witness the celebration of the birth of the biggest fragrance event of the decade!

Calvin Klein 2
Eau de toilette spray  RM219   50ml
Eau de toilette spray  RM289  100ml
Deodorant stick         RM89     2.6oz

Laser Battle Times Square KL
Various packages are available: walk in/ corporate package/ birthday parties
Other outlets: JB City Square/ Queensbay Penang/ Ipoh Parade
Business hours: 10am-10pm
Contact: 016-5536911 ( Tancy )
Official website: www.laserbattle.com.my

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