May 20, 2016

   Hi guys, a quick update about the baking challenge that I took part last week! Partner up with my bae, Suki again for the baking challenge with California Raisins! Guess what we are going to prepare? Scroll down to get the answer =)

I got no idea why my eyebrow looks like that in this picture! XD

   A little introduction of California Raisins before we start the baking challenge! California Raisins are prepared from clean, dried grapes that have had their stems and cap stems removed, then sorted, cleaned and thoroughly washed to assure a wholesome product. It is an all natural, dried-by-the-sun fruit you can feel good about eating! The most important are there is no sugar added.

What are the benefits of Sun-Maid California Raisins? 
-Good for teeth
-Good for eyes
-Good for brain (attention and memory)
-Good for bone
-Good for digest (high in fibre)

   Now let's go into the kitchen and start preparing ourselves for the baking challenge! It was so fun to cook and bake together with others bloggers! This time, we are going to prepare a dessert named as Green Diva. It is kiwi parfait with honey cornflakes, definitely a healthy dessert with low-fat yogurt and fruits.

   Taadaaa~ Here is our dessert. I think we are the first to complete our cooking because it is very easy to prepare this. Check out Suki's blog on how to make this dessert!

   While waiting for judging, we were served with a three-course meal. Ohh, I like the Raisin stuffed Chicken Ballantine so much~

   Watch us cooking in the video below. Don't forget to subscribe my channel for more videos!

   Thanks California Raisins for having us! Although we did not win any title but we gained much experience from this challenge, it was a fun experience with California Raisins. Btw, I won the Instagram contest! Thanks everyone for the support~ 

Group photo with all the blogger friends. 

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