May 12, 2016

   Being a customer of Triumph for almost 3 years, I'm really happy to receive the invitation to join the celebration of Triumph's 130th anniversary at its new revamped Mid Valley boutique.Let's take a look of the newly revamped boutique! 

New revamped Triumph Mid Valley boutique

   Triumph has been established as ' The Tailoress' in Malaysia for over 43 years, creating the perfect lingerie for every age and body shape. They are now come up with a new brand logo that emphasizes feminity and strength through the curvy design.

Triumph's new brand logo
    Before the event started, there was an amazing opening performance that expressed sensuality and feminity, plus the unveiling of its new boutique window which showcased its latest campaign visuals. Invited celebrities Amber Chia, Carey Ng and Patricia K also make the event more happening. We were then invited to go inside the boutique to take a closer look of the boutique and latest bra collection. 

 Sonali, Carey Ng, Amber Chia, Maggy Wang and Patricia K. 
   Triumph Brand Manager, Ms. Soo shared about Triumph's Find The One Again campaign. Triumph will continue its mission to find the right size bra for women, don't feel shy to find the right fit. Invited guests also get to witness the latest 3D animation video for Triumph's Find The One Again campaign.

Short speech by Triumph Brand Manager, Ms. Shoo. 

   This year, Triumph successfully launched Magic Spacer, lingerie that offers the lightest and most airy experience ever. This colourful collection with uplifting design, breathable and light is very comfortable while wearing it on. It features special fabric that contains thousands of tiny air pockets encourage air circulation, this is how Magic Spacer bra keeps your body fresh and dry. 

   During the event, models walk the ramp showcasing Triumph Couture Collection, Essence by Triumph. The sparkle of Swarovski Crystals elements with lovely lace trims, such an alluring design! I just cannot take my eyes off of the colours combination and the detailed embroidery on this collection. 

Essence by Triumph collection

   Watch this short video recorded by me during the event! 

      A perfect fit bra is really important for women. Women can definitely Find The One that they are looking for all this while with Triumph. Have you Find The One? Visit Triumph to get fitted today! =) 

Triumph Malaysia 
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