September 13, 2016

   Helloooo people! I just back from my Vietnam's trip a few days ago~ Many thanks to Air Asia and Da Nang Tourism for giving me the opportunity to explore Da Nang City! I had lots of fun during the trip, I will share my travel itinerary on the next post because now...... I want to talk about my shopping experience in Da Nang with BIG Prepaid MasterCard! (Yea I'm a shopping queen! XD)

Happy face! Just done shopping at a souvenir shop using my BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic.
 What is BIG Prepaid MasterCard

*Issued by TPaay Asia Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AirAsia Berhad
*Functions like your credit/debit cards but without the line of credits and fund exposure is limited as it is not linked to any bank account
*Two formats of cards: BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic and BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual

BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic
-card limit:RM10,000
-requires personal identification documents (MyKad/Passport) and utility bill
-14 working days to process the card

BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual
-card limit: RM1,500
-instant confirmation after successfully apply (password secured email with card details)
-no personal documentation needed
-can upgrade card limit to RM10,000 (requires personal identification documents and utility bill)

 Things I like about BIG Prepaid MasterCard 

  I loaded RM408+ which is 100USD into my BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic before my trip. Fyi, you can convert up to 5 different currencies now which included USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD. Multi Currency Wallet allowed me to lock-in exchange rates to avoid currency fluctuation. 

You can choose to pay by USD in Vietnam.
   BIG Prepaid MasterCard is widely accepted by MasterCard merchants for in-store & online shopping, this is definitely a safer alternative to carrying cash while you are travelling and it is easier to make any transaction if you want to shop online. We moved to the second shop after I done shopping for the souvenirs, this coffee beans shop has so many different types/species of coffee beans! If you are a coffee lover like me, make sure you don't miss out this shop in Hoi An.

I bought one packet of Blue Mountain Coffee in powder form and two sets of Vietnamese Drip Coffee here.
   While I'm enjoying shopping, I'm able to earn BIG Points (RM2.00=1 BIG Point)! This is great because I can redeem FREE Air Asia flight and hotel stays with the BIG points that I earned, yesss! 

You are required to sign a payment transaction slip if the terminals do not cater for electronic PIN.
   Besides that, I also get exclusive access to AirAsia Priority Sales and Zero Processing Fee for AirAsia flight booking! 

   I can always check my balance, track my transaction history, reload my MasterCard or manage my account online, no matter where I am. Just log in via www.bigprepaid.com then I can easily access to my account. 

Check my balance
Track transaction history
Reload my card online
   Is it worth applying? I would say yes. I have been using BIG Prepaid MasterCard for few days during my trip, I think it is very convenience for me because I easily confuse the amount of VND in cash (okayyy,my math is not good lol), things get easier when I make payment in USD with my MasterCard. The most important that it is safe especially for a female traveller like me because I don't need to carry so much cash with me. It is without any joining fee or annual fee, so you can consider applying one for your next trip! 

【Get yours now at https://www.bigprepaid.com/ ! 】

Did some last minute shopping at Da Nang Airport before my flight back to KL. 
This is all my shopping hauls from Da Nang! I bought so many sets of Vietnamese Coffee Filter (the right one in yellow and black color is the cute version  haha), I think I'm going to do a tutorial on how you can make your own Vietnamese Coffee at home. I also bought few packets of spring roll rice paper wrap so that I can make Vietnamese Spring Rolls for my family.

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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