October 14, 2016

   Are you a fan of Japanese snacks too? I spend a lot on Japanese Okashi every month because I love snacking, you can always find Japanese snacks in my room XD Here I want to share few of my favourite shops to purchase Japanese snacks and products like groceries, make-up, food and drinks! 

1. 100 Yen

   This is the first shop that I found a few years back in my hometown, Seremban to buy Japanese products! I still remember I love their Snow Ice so much, every time I went to 100Yen I ordered a cup of Snow Ice. Their Snow Ice is so smooth and tasty. 

2. Daiso

   A place to get cheap and nice Japanese snacks and products! I like to use ingredients and kitchenware from Daiso to prepare Japanese food like Onigiri and Pudding. Although the selling price is low but some of their products is really good, I will write about my favourite products from Daiso in next post, so stay tuned! 

   This is the Onigiri that I prepared using Onigiri Rice Mix from Daiso, the tableware is from Daiso too.

3. Shojikiya

   Whenever I visited Sushi Zanmai or they have Japanese Food Fair in the shopping mall, for sure I will restock my Japanese snacks from Shojikiya. Especially when they have Japanese Food Fair because I can save a lot. 

4. Okashi World/Nimaco

   They offer a wide range of imported Japanese food products include snacks, chocolate, instant noodle, coffee and more! What I love about Okashi World is that they always have promotion and limited edition Japanese snacks.

5. Mix.com.my 米克斯

   My current favourite place to visit for snacks because one of their outlet is very near to my house!, You can find all the popular and limited edition imported products from few countries included Japan at here! 

My favourite Chocolate Pizza!! This is so good, with heavy chocolate taste. 

My favourite cracker with oat.

6. Isetan Food Market

   I usually buy Japanese groceries from Isetan because they have a wide range of choices. Try the Japanese bento when you are here, it is tasty! The famous Chateraise Pastries from Japan is just beside the food market, which make me want to go Isetan more often! 

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   So now you know where to get Japanese snacks in Malaysia! Enjoy snacking! XOXO

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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