December 06, 2016

   Here come the Pablo Cheese Tart that everyone raves about! Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia is open for business on today 2pm (FREE Cheese Tart for the first 100 customers, be early!). In Japan, one of this delicious cheese tart is sold every 7 seconds, which means about 2000 pieces of freshly baked cheese tarts is sold daily, that is so impressive!  You might wonder why this Cheese Tart from Japan is so popular, let's figure out!

  #1 Originally imported from Japan!  

   Everything is imported from Japan to give you the best Pablo Cheese Tart experience! Pablo is the only Cheese Tart from Japan. After few months of waiting, the first outlet in Malaysia is finally open at One Utama Shopping Centre. 

  #2 Tasty & premium Cheese Tart  

   The fluffy Signature Cheese Tart is as big as a pie, can be shared with 5-6 friends. I had Signature Cheese Tart during their soft launch, the original flavor is just nice, without an overwhelming cheese flavor. The molten center is so creamy with a hint of citrus flavor. I can't wait to try Chocolate Cheese Tart and Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki that is coming soon on next month. Two ways to enjoy your signature Cheese Tart: cut it into slices like cake or digging in using a spoon like eating pudding.

The gooey core that oozes out when you cut it. 

  #3 Mini version-Pablo Mini  

   Oh no, you don't have friends to share the huge Signature Pablo Cheese Tart? It's ok, you can try Pablo Mini! It is as good as the big one, the tart shells is thicker, buttery and crispy. The filling is creamy and rich. All the ingredients that used to make Pablo Mini are 100% imported from Japan to bring you the best Pablo experience.

Look at the packaging, so kawaii!

Pablo Mini (RM8.90 each)

  #4 SUPERRR friendly staffs and cute Pablo song  

   All the staffs are very energetic and friendly! Just like the warm service in Japan. You will feel happy to buy things from them. 

   This is the background song that keeps on replay in Pablo outlet, click to play! It is so cute and it actually can lift up your mood!

  #5 Everything about cheese  

   Besides from Cheese Tart, you can find cheese related snacks and drinks here. I have tried out Sabrel Cheese Biscuits, Pablo Choco Crunch and Classic Cheese Tart drinks during my visit. I'm quite amazed by the Classic Cheese Tart drinks, not too sweet and not too creamy, it is just nice with a fragrant of Cheese, make sure you try this drinks when you are there!

   I can't stop myself from eating this box of Cheese Tart Crunch, it is so addictive, can I have another box please? =P The cute little dome shaped crunches are sweet with a light cheese flavor.

Pablo Choco Crunch-Cheese Tart Flavor (RM47.90 per box, 12pcs)

   Sabrel Cheese Cookies, Langue de Char cookies with rich Parmesan Cheese and Gouda Cheese Cream filling, opt for this if you like heavier cheese taste. 

Sabrel Cheese (RM32.90 per box, 9pcs)

   So now you know Pablo Cheese Tart is not famous for no reason, the long queue explains it all. Next thing to do is to drive to One Utama Shopping Centre and start to queue ahaha! I think Pablo Cheese Tart is worth queuing up and busting my calorie count for. Hope you enjoy your Cheese Tart like I do =)

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia 
1 Utama Shopping Centre, Level 2 (Old Wing), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Pablocheesetartmalaysia/

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