January 23, 2017

   Meow~ A short post about my belated birthday celebration with my girlfriends, pinky cat theme for this year, thanks everyone for coming! It was a very last minute plan, so sorry for those who I didn't get to invite. This post is going to flooded with all the kawaii photos that we took during the mini party~❤

   My cute pinky Cat cake is from @spatulacustomcakes (follow them on Instagram!). Honestly, the cake is sooo good, I really love the texture of the cake, it is so fluffy. 

   Honey Vanilla cake with Strawberry filling~❤ One important thing that makes me fall in love with their cake is it is not too sweet, compare to Fondant cake I actually prefer this Honey Vanilla Cake. I think my friends like it too because we were able to finish the whole cake.

   Thank you to the lady boss, Sharon for sponsoring me the cake, all the best in your business darling~ 

   And next, I have these cute French pastry-Choux by Le Claire Patisserie. Look at the cute Tsum Tsum characters, omg I'm melting~❤ The Choux pastry is light and crispy with different fillings inside. 

Tell me which one is cuter =P

   Once again I would like to thanks all my friends who make this happened, I'm so grateful to have all of you as my friends! 

Click to play this short video done by me!

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💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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