May 07, 2017

   Happy Sunday people! Today I'm going to review Miracle Finish Cushion and Moisture Touch Lipstick from The Face Shop! I use skin care and mask products from The Face Shop before but this was my first time to try out cosmetics products from The Face Shop, so let's see how good they are =)

  Miracle Finish Cushion  

   The NEW Miracle Finish Cushion is available in shiny black and white packaging. I personally like the black one than the white one. The lid is stamped with a metallic emblem logo.

   Both of the packaging is elegant. It is small in size and easy to bring out. 

   A cushion puff applicator is included. Press the applicator into the sponge to pick up the desired amount of foundation. 

   I'm using CC Long Lasting Cushion. This cushion does what it promises, smoothens skin, long lasting, medium covearge and with a natural finish! The consistency of the CC cushion is thin, so it can easily blend well with the sponge. Also, the moisturizing power is great even in the dry environment as it has primer ingredients in it. It comes with SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect our skin from UV rays too. 

Tips: Set it with powder if you'll be having a long day =) 

   It also available in another 5 types for different function: 

*CC Intense Cover Cushion -- contains 7 types of flower oils and extract, high coverage, making dry skin dewy and radiant

* CC Ultra Moist Cushion -- deeply moisturizing effect, covers fine lines and gives natural glow to the skin.

*CC Cooling Cushion -- great moisture function with cooling effect, long lasting, light weight

*BB Power Perfection Cushion -- moisturizing, strong coverage with matt finish, regenerating ingredients that helps to maintain skin elasticity (alternative for TFS Power Perfection BB Cream)

*Oil Control Water Cushion -- sebum control, matt finish, for oily or combination skin 

Miracle Finish Cushion refill pack

Price: RM104.83 (inclusive of GST)
          RM  62.43 for refill pack (inclusive of GST)

  Moisture Touch Lipstick  

   Next, move on to the Moisture Touch Lipstick! Look at the beautiful packaging! First time receiving this kind of special flower bunch with lipstick inside ❤❤ 

   Thank you The Face Shop for the little surprise~ ❤

   The packaging of the Moisture Touch Lipstick is simple yet classy, it comes in a matte dark gray tube. The initial 'TFS' is pressed on the lipstick bullet. I have 4 out of the 12 shades available in Malaysia.  

The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick 
   Here are the color swatches for the 4 lipstick shades that I have. The texture is soft and creamy, it glides on my lips smooth and effortlessly. The lipsticks contain serum to provides moisturizing care to the lips, I didn't apply any lip balm as the moisturizing effect is good. It also has that glowing effect as you can see from the photos taken. 

   The color of the lipsticks look amazing, it is truly vibrant even though I just applied for once. However, the lipstick doesn't stay longer so I need to reapply again after few hours and it is not smudgeproof and waterproof

   BR01-City Brown giving out a mature look after applied. Styles from the 90's era continue to thrive, you can get this brown shade to complement your classic outfit. 

   My favorite shade is CR01-Dreaming Coral, I don't have this shade in my lipstick collection yet! The orange-pink color looks sweet after apply, perfect for a sweet date on weekend.

   RD02-Red Rising in bright red color is suitable to create an outstanding look. Red lips never go out of style, I think this is the lipstick shade that every woman should own. 

   BE03 Rococo Beige is in soft peachy-rose color that is just great for daily makeup. It creates that natural makeup look, you can never go wrong with a beige lipstick shade! 

   If you are looking for creamy, rich and hydrating lipstick, you will love The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick! FYI, here are the 12 shades that are available in Malaysia:

#BE01 Beige Bomb
#BE02 Angel in Beige
#BE03 Rococo Beige
#CR01 Dreaming Coral
#CR02 Feel so Coral
#CR03 Sweet Coral
#BR01 City Brown
#PK01 Pink Plamingo
#PK02 Pink Flash
#RD02 Red Rising
#RD03 Red Fantasy
#PP01 Purple Fantasy 

Price: RM63.49 (inclusive of GST)

💛 By Mikayo Ito 💛

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