July 23, 2013

          So the theme for this week's creative blog is comic book! I bet most of my friends will write about the synopsis of a comic book or the story of the cartoonist, I decided to write something different. I am going to write about comic blogger, they make comics too, but not publish in book.

          This idea come to me when I am googling about "free comic book to read online". I find out some inspiring comic blogger that i cannot stop myself from keep on scrolling down and read their comics. One of the comic blogger that i like is Miao & WafuPafu on http://www.akiraceo.com/.  He turn the real life scene into cute illustration in a funny way, so it is fun to read his comics because we may face the same situation in our life too.

          Another comic blogger that is quite creative is Pek Chek Kia on http://www.pekchekkia.com/ , such a cute name, ahaha. His blog is in chinese words, simple and clean with white background yet interesting. You will feel like "oh,so true!' when u read through his comics. The main character in his comics is a white cartoon that like to say WTF when he feel uneasy with something which we say it in another way call "pek cek".

          Both of the comic blogger relate their comics with malaysia culture and lifestyle so readers will feel fun, familiar and enjoy while read through their comics. Till here, not sure if I will get a comment of 'you already out of the topic lah', but i think this is so call think out of the box right? Haha!

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