July 09, 2013

          This children book written by Paul Choy is about a little mouse who always dream to be big. One day he decided to leave his hole and discover the world. Then he came across a zoo and feel wonderful because he never see something like this before. He meet lion, giraffe and eagle who laugh at him because he is too small. The zookeeper also said that the mouse is too small to be in the zoo. However, at last lion, giraffe and eagle start to envy with the mouse because he can go anywhere freely as his size is small.

          It was quite fun to read a children book because it used simple word and beautiful illustrator to tell the story. Some small lesson that we can get through reading this book is what we needed to be happy is to be ourself. We always over wanting to be someone else instead of feel happy with who we are. Too often we compare ourself with other then we start to lost our self confidence. Feel free to read the storybook on http://freekidsbooks.org/view/89 to get inspired! =)


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