July 30, 2013

          Do you often ask yourself who am I? No I don't so it is hard for me to write about this topic. And I not really know about myself too(am I lost? lol).
          They say if we don't know something just google it! So I have google out something about myself. I done a personality test on google and 80% of what it say is true about me. I can just skip the part to write about myself because you can read it on the screen capture above.
          If you go and ask 10 of your friends who are you I'm pretty sure that you will get 10 different answer. So why we need to trouble ourself in figure out who we are? Just let it be and one day you will know who you are.
          After so much of nonsense talk, who am I? In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel.(nah, dont judge me, haha!)

p/s : if you are interested to do the test too, here is the link https://whoami.visualdna.com/

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