August 20, 2013

          Five months more and I am going to turn 2X years old! (age is always a secret for women, bahaha=P) Everytime I think about it I feel so stress because I do not want to grow up, wanna be a kid forever, weird thought huh, haha. Well, you and me know that it won't come true, time flies and we grow older and older. So before I turn 2X, I decided to make a change on myself, to be a better and mature person.
          First, I want to change my bad habits. I always wasting my time by doing something like surfing internet for whole day without doing anything or just play with my handphone. I need to be more discipline with myself so that I can done my works in time.
          Second, I must learn to keep money. Yes, sometimes I do part time job to earn some pocket money but what I spend always more than what I spend. This is because I buy things according to my mood and never budget myself. I think I seriously need to keep some money so that I could use it in the future.
          Third, I must work more harder to realize my dreams. Cannot reveal it on here first but if it is really come true I will share it on my blog. I know that it is not easy to achieve what I want, it need so much of effort and patient, but I will try hard to make it come true, fighthing! =)
          Alright, there are the first three changes that I want to make, still more changes that I need to do to improve myself, hope that I can make it! =)

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