August 27, 2013

          Finally here is the last post for 14 weeks creativity blog, how time flies, my first semester gonna end soon. In this post, I wanna share about the fun of blogging. 
          From the excitement to share the good things with others, the diligently in taking and editing photos and then the process of brainstroming to write out an article, that is how a blog post 'born'. It takes up like one whole day for me to produce a blog post include editing photos, and then after click publish I feel so satisfy because finally a new blog post is up. But I actually rarely update my blog because of the heavy coursework make me so busy, there are so many blog post that I wrote until half in my draft, gonna clear it very soon!
          Recently I started to feel the fun of blogging because I get few feedback from my readers! It is so happy to know that someone do really read what I wrote and I reply each of them. This is what drive me to continue to write more. So do leave a comment after u read! Do not forget to follow my blog too, I will follow back as well, peace =)

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