August 06, 2013

          Here is my work for drawing class assignment! Phew, finallyyyyy I have done all the shading and manage to pass it up on time. Thanks to my friends who give me a helping hand. Still more to improve because I am not really good in drawing. It takes me up to two days to finish it. Ya, last minute work, start to do all the things in rush when due date is coming soon.
          Drawing actually need a lot of patient that I do not have in myself. So I think it is good for me to make drawing as my hobby to train myself to be more patient. I always like to do things in a faster way, I want to get all things done is a short time and more worst is that I am lazy. So that is why I always pass up something that is simply draw or design.
          Until one day my lecterur say something to me and wake me up.She say you must do something that people will say 'WOW' when they see your work. Then i start to realize that I cannot be so 'cincai' when I am doing my work, I should put more effort to produce a good artwork! Now I always remind myself to do my best whenever it comes to work. 
          Till here, stay tune for next post! =)

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