November 07, 2014

     Tried out an authentic Thai meal last week at Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant, Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya with group of bloggers. Thanks Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant for having us, I had a good dining experience there! The ambience of the restaurant is cosy, with air condition and set up in a Malay Kampung style. Food served here taste good with fair portion. Besides from Thai cuisine, they also served variety of Nyonya delicacies. Let's see what we had for our dinner.

Kaw Phad Sapporat ( Fried Rice with Pineapples )
Pineapples fried rice added with cashew nuts.
Kung Phad Prik Pow ( Sauteed Prawns with Roasted Chili )
One of my favorite dish of the day! Prawns cook with Chili and the special sauce make it finger lickin good, yummm.
Kaa Na Phad Kratian ( Fried Hong Kong Kale with Sliced Garlic )
Just a normal 'KaiLan' cook with sliced garlic but the chef successful to make it delicious. 
Tippan Ngubak ( Sizzling Beef Nyonya Style )
Beef with colorful vegetables and thick broth in sizzling plate, served hot.  
Enche Kabin ( Nyonya Style Fried Chicken )
The crispy fried chicken for sure will bring up your appetite to eat more.
Plar Neang Pek Sak ( Sea Bass Steamed Thai Style )
A healthy dish, steam fish with tomatoes, chili, sizzled ginger and coriander, the freshness of the fish is there. 
Red Tom Yum Soup ( Seafood )
Tom Yum Soup served here is more to sour, I prefer it to be more spicy. If you like sour more than spicy this will be your choice. Seafood in the soup is in generous portion. 
Red Tom Yum Soup ( Seafood )

Keng Keaw Wan ( Green Curry with Chicken )
This is my favorite too, I like spicy food so much. Chicken cubes and vegetables is soaked in the thick green curry broth, spicy and aromatic. 
Lemongrass Tea
After a heavy dinner, we had a cup of refreshing Lemongrass tea. I dont really like the smell of lemongrass but this drink is ok to me, it taste sweet with a hint of lemongrass. 
Water Chestnut
Complete your meal with this sweet dessert, iced coconut milk with fruits. I can finish one bowl of this although I felt so full after the meal, girls will not say no to dessert, haha. 

The chef who prepared yummy Thai cuisine for us. 
We had a good chat with the friendly chef, exchanged our opinion about Thai food.

The environment of Aroi Dee Thai, Palm Garden Hotel is very comfortable.
They do provide BBQ buffet dinner on weekend.

Aroi Dee Thai Restaurant
Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya.

Lunch : 12noon tiill 230pm daily
Dinner : 630pm till 1030pm (except Sunday)
Contact : +603-8943 2233
Website :
Facebook Page

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