November 23, 2014

     こんにちは(Konichiwa)! I am back with a new beauty product post. Finally I'm free to complete this pending post, been too busy recently, I really need some good rest. I had joined butterflies for Kracie blogger event few weeks back at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid. Hooray, another brand from Japan that come into Malaysia, I always love Japan's products because of it's quality and cute packaging. So this time I'm so happy because I am one of the bloggers who had been invited for this media event! The dress code for the event is 'Kawaii' theme, so you may see lots of kawaii faces in the photos below.

Skin care and hair care range of Kracie

About Kracie 
     Kracie operates in 3 main fields which is toiletries and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods at Japan. Before this Kracie was known as Kanebo until 2007, they changed their corporate name to Kracie. The word of Kracie is derives from the Japanese word 'Kurashi' which mean life/lifestyle. Kracie started their business in toiletries and cosmetics division in 1936. We were introduced to their skin care products, the Hadabisei series and hair care products, the Ichikami series during the event.

Group photo with butterflies and the founder of The Butterfly Project, Mamasan Tammy.
Photo with the receptionist girl in kimono, she is so cute.
Happy faces during the event

     After a warm welcome speech by the emcee, continued with the presentation by Mr Kojima and Ms Keko from Japan, we get to knew briefly about the brand, Kracie. We also watched a live hair styling demo by the professional hair stylist. I was amaze by the hair styling gel by Kracie because we can obviously saw that is a big difference after apply the gel, the hair of the models become more smoother. Before the event end, we were served with lunch.

The gorgeous emcee of the day.

Mr Kojima who has a fun personality, oh ya, he can speak mandarin well!

Ms Keko explained to us the usage of Kracie's products.

The kawaii hair model, right part of the hair is more smoother compare to the left part.

Mr Kojima demo to all of us on how ro use the black mask, he successful to get everyone attention because many of us walk in front to take his pics with mask on.


Kracie is so generous, each of us get few sets of products to review, ありがとう(arigatou)!

Ichikami Hair Care Series
     Ichikami series contain Pure Japanese Botanical Essences that can repair existing hair damage and protect our hair from futher damage. The signature ingredient in Ichikami series is rice. In ancient time, people use rice water to wash their hair to maintain the smoothness of hair. I love the scent of this shampoo, it smell flowerish

Ichikami series hair shampoo and hair conditioner

Ichikami Hair Styling Jelly. I would like to give a big like for this product, after I apply it on my hair, it keeps my hair straight and smooth for a long hours and make my hair smell nice.

Himawari Hair Care Series
     Himawari is formulated with Premium Sunflower Oil Ex. It has lipid & moisture keep and damage repairing ingredients inside which can turn our wavy, unruly and frizzy hair to manageable and healthy hair.

Hadabisei Skin Care Series
     Hadabisei is a medicated skin care series which help reduce the dryness-induced fine wrinkles, adult acne, and skin brightening effect. They have wide selection of masks that suit different kind of skin trouble. I am so impress with the 4 in 1 masks! I never use this type of mask before, it mean that I just need to use one mask to settle all my skin care routine. Can you believe how convenience it is?

Hadabisei All In One Face Mask has include 4 beauty products in one piece of mask which is toner, lotion, moisturizer and mask.

There are 40 pcs of face mask in one packet which last for one month plus for daily use.

My ootd, did I met the dress code theme in Kawaii? =)
     Kracie products is available at Aeon Wellness's outlet if you are interested to try 'em out! A good brand stand on itself, so I don't think I have to talk much about it, you will know it's good after you use it! Till here.

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