November 30, 2014

     Sawadika! (greetings in Thai) It's been 2 weeks since the day I back from my 3 days 2 night trip at Bangkok! I miss the city so much except the polluted air, haha. I have visited to few tourist places during my trip, will share my experiences and fun during the trip in upcoming post.

     One of the cafes that I have visited is After You Dessert Cafe situated at Siam Square 1, one of their branches in Bangkok. I believe that many of you have heard about this cafe before as it is quite famous in Bangkok. I actually didn't plan to visit this cafe, when I walk to the mall after visited to Hello Kitty House Bangkok, I found out that After You is just right beside, so I decided to pay them a visit to try out their menu.

This is how the cafe look like from outside. 
One of the corner of the cafe sell some vintage stationery. 
Cookies is available at the cafe too. 
There were so many cakesssss that look yummy, but I was too full so I didnt ordered any cake from them.

Many students and working adults hang out here during our visit. 

     A quick look at the menu, they served different kind of dessert like toast, pancakes, cakes and more. There are many choices of drinks too to go with the sweet dessert. We ordered Matcha Toast which cost us 250 Baht, I'm in love with Matcha recently. The thick toast is served with two scoops of Matcha ice cream. We didn't order any drinks as we just had cupcake with latte at Hello Kitty House before visit to After You. Instead, we get ourself a cup of free drinks that is available at the cafe. The Matcha toast taste good and not too sweet for me, the toast is crispy outside and soft inside while the Matcha ice cream is just nice. It is a normal dessert plate without any surprise, wish to try out some of their special menu in the future.

Menu of After You Dessert Cafe
Matcha Toast
The portion is so big, I just had few bites after that my boyfie finished it up. 
Look out from the window and we can see Siam Square.

Stay tune for my next post about Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok! ^.<

After You Dessert Cafe Siam Square 1
10300 Bangkok Thailand.

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