December 13, 2014

     Hello darlingsss, it is the last month of the year 2014! I'm back with good news for you all. This time I will cooperate with few leng lui bloggers to host this giveaway. Thanks to three of them : Aerisk, Jenny and Jiayeen who willing to join me to make this giveaway more happening! Together we have total of 4 lucky bags to give out to our readers.

     Have you all heard of lucky bag? I actually get inspired by the Japanese Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro/福袋) to host this giveaway. In Japan, merchants will fill this Fukubukuro with unknown contents and sell them in discount price, it is an easy way for stores to clean up their stocks. Fukubukuro is formed from Japanese fuku which mean 'luck' and fukuro which mean bag. They believe that 'there is fortune in leftovers'. Thanks Wikipedia for the info hehe. For us, our purpose to host this giveaway is to spread the luck and happiness and of course the things that we going to give out is not leftovers things, ahaha. All of the items is brand new and we even have few treatment voucher which cost about 700++ to make you more prettier in this new year!

     Now let me reveal the content of four of the lucky bags that we are going to give away! *hoorayyy*
All you need to do to get yourself a Lucky Bag is stay calm and choose one of the Lucky Bag that you want to get and follow our Instagram account(@mikayo_ito/@aeriskong/@jennyma278/@jiayeen), so easy right? BUT WAIT...due to some issue happened of my last giveaway so this time we will have some terms and condition, join this giveaway only if you agree to follow the rules! =) 

Terms and Condition
1)The deadline for this giveaway is 25th Dec 12am.
2)All the winners will get the Lucky Bag before 31 Dec.
3)We will only contact the winners through email, please check your mail often. (In case we miss out some message if using Facebook inbox)
4)Snap a picture then post it on Instagram and tag four of us after you received the Lucky Bag.

     Ok, open your Instagram and follow us now, get all the info on rafflecopter below, good luck! ^.<

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The fukubukuro goes to :
No 1- Carlyn
No 2-Irene Chan
No 3-Slyvia Lye
No 4-Neko Chii

This giveaway is hosted by,
Mikayo Ito http://mikayoito.blogspot.com/
Aerisk Ong http://florenceandlace.com/
Jiayeen http://www.jiayeen.com/
Jenny Ma http://jennyma278.blogspot.com/

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